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    Solved Report giving repeat body display

    Dear all, Finally I got to the Report Part, but i am facing an issue... My report is showing repeated bodies. for each record ( Purchase Order) it shows repletely the same info as many as the number of records of Sub Report.. Please FInd some pictures for a better understanding. The...
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    Solved Record do not show up when requery but their saved

    Good Evening all, I'm facing a strange situation... I have a Form that opens and allow user to select some products. Then when they're finished, they close it and another form shows the request header and the selection. The problem is that the list of chosen items on this second form is always...
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    Solved Form ID value not update when created.

    Good day to every One.. I must start to thank you all for this amazing content and know how that you share. i have been creating a requisition form with multiple item choice. The problem started when I decided to create a button to delete records. I searched and i found some Recordset code...
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