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    Form Filter won't clear

    So I use this code below to call up a Contacts Form and by filter!! But the once in Form_Contacts, I can't clear the filter using a macro or VBA to search (using a ComboBox) for another contact. I've tried Private Sub Search_Contact_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) Me.Filter =...
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    Sending Multiple Emails from Access

    My previously Contact DB in Access xp (haha) is used mailto: BUT the string length restricted it from sending more than 200 ish chrs of Email Addresses: So I ended up creating 3 - 4 emails with a batch of email addresses in each one. Our admin then had to copy the email text to each email. My...
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    FindFirst - What am I doing wrong?

    Set rstGroups = dbs.OpenRecordset(Name:="Group_T", Type:=RecordsetTypeEnum.dbOpenDynaset) MsgBox Me.Group ' This shows 340 on the screen which is the group i want from rstGroups rstGroups.FindFirst "GrpID = Me.Group" ' But this line finds the first group in the...
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