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    update subform

    oops [This message has been edited by RpbertS (edited 06-07-2001).]
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    error message

    hi, when a form I have loads up and not all fields are filled in I get a runtime error '13' how can I trap this error and change the message or just not display it? thanks
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    audit log problems

    thank you for the reply. I gave up and made my own probaly not as good but it does the job thganks
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    auto kick

    thanks for that link its really good. I have a problem however. I set the timer interval in the properties section of the form to 5000 (for testing) pasted that code into the ontimer event and Iget a sub or function not defined error. any ideas? thanks
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    audit log problems

    Ive been trying to set up Allen Browne's, I just cant seem to get it to do anything is there any other examples or sample databases out there? thanks
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    auto kick

    anyone have a sample dbase showing how to autokick someone if they have been inactive for 10 minutes? thanks please send to
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    make a combobox default to first item in list?

    have you tried putting: [cboname].[ItemData](0) in the default value property of the combo box?
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    Zip code table available for FREE use?

    i do to please send to thanks!
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    sub form total

    yup, I would assume you'd put some code in the before update event that checks to see if the fields in the subform have any value and if not prompt the user to enter data into those fields. this is just off the top of my head so it may not work but should help you get started. in the before...
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    Form won't allow additions!!!

    hmm...I had this problem once before and the steps you've done solved it. Im not sure what other advice to give. I'll be heading home in about an hour..if you want you can send a sample dbase to my personal email acccount and I can see if I can get it to work. Ill try to think of soemthing...
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    Assign values to Variables

    here is some code that may help you out: For Each i In Me![list0].ItemsSelected If Criteria <> "" Then Criteria = Criteria & " OR " End If Criteria = Criteria & "[" _ & Me![list0].ItemData(i) & "]= " _ & [TextNull] & "" Next i it builds...
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    Form won't allow additions!!!

    1)make sure the query you redid is the same name 2)check to see if the data source of that form is the right query 3) you may have to go into the record source of the form, then delete the query from there then re add the query. hope that helps
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    Passing a Query the Condition and Value from a Form

    doh..dougs right about passing the logical operators..wasnt thinking straight thanks for the catch
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    Passing a Query the Condition and Value from a Form

    okay you want to pass 2 values from 2 differnt combo boxes to the query, correct? in the queries criteria field why not jsut put like: [forms]![formname]![cboname] And [forms]![formname]![cboname2] that way the value in combo box one can be used as a criteria and the conditional values in...
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    Password Form

    well heres an idea..pretty simple but the password is hardcoded..but anyway create a form that has a field and a command button. for the field code to properties then the data tab then go to the inputmask field and select password. now on the OnClick event for the command button put this code...
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    sure can you need to use a macro though, good thing I do something similar =) create a new macro on the first line put sendkeys then at the bottom where it says keystrokes put this %ha%e%o%n on the next line down put runcommand and then at the bottom for Command put Find. Save it as Find now...
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    update a subform in a main form with a value entered in another form ....

    right, im a little confused also I dont think it should be difficult..hmm..the only thing I could think of if you could send me a small db showing the problem I could get it to work and send it working from home to day so try ill prolly have time to look at it...
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    update a subform in a main form with a value entered in another form ....

    as I understand it you have a field that stores the object number on the object form now when that form is closed you want to send that value to a field on your subform. well this is how I would do it. you can put this code in the on close even of the form or in the onClick event of your close...
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    I lost my tool bars

    ahh , well glad you figured it out and I learned something new to. thanks, Rpb
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    sure is bud try this: Private Sub cmdbackrefresh_Click() On Error GoTo Err_cmdbackrefresh_Click Dim stdocname As String Dim stlinkcriteria As String stdocname = "mainformname" unboundtextbox.requery DoCmd.OpenForm stdocname, , , stlinkcriteria...
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