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    Is this a good start to learning VBA?

    I found a PDF of the book "Access VBA Programing for Dummies" by Alan Simpson, on line. I was wondering if that is a good place to start to learn VBA in general and VBA for Access in particular. Thoughts?
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    Help For dummies

    Where can I find help that does not give answers in programing languages? I posted about a problem with a search returning no records and no way to get back to my switchboard. I got a quick response (Thanks) but it was a page full of VBA code. I asked for clarification on what to change to fit...
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    Search results in no records. How to get back to my Switchboard when this happens?

    I have a database that contains equipment serial numbers. I have a switchboard set up to run the database. One option is to search by serial number. When I enter an existing number, everything works fine. I have a button on the form to return to the switchboard. The problem is if I enter a...
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    New to this group and Access

    Trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 shutdown and convert a 5,000+ line Excel test result log to a database. Been a challenge to say the least. I have a few points I am stuck on and look forward to the groups help.
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