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    Javascript Messagebox

    Hey everyone, I am automating a the filling out of a web form. I am able to automate almost all of it, but when I actually save the work. This function gets called, and a message box pops up. It doesn't stop my code like a VBA message I'm able to use Sendkeys to bypass it...but I was...
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    How can I find the 2nd Business Day of the Month?

    Hey guys could really use some help! I am having trouble finding a formula to calculate the second business day of the month. I need this for the rest of my code. The closest thing I found is: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim lngEoM As Long lngEoM = Date-Day(Date) If Date = lngEOM +...
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    Last column left off Spreadsheet import

    Hey guys I think I may have a tough question So I query data from our SQL db with sap business objects infoview and it spits out an excel file. I have aN access db with a macro that pulls the excel data into a table with docmd transfer spreadsheet. (used macro builder.) The problem is: It will...
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