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    Open form with where condition for TWO criteria

    I have non-updateable list created from a union query. It is a list of customers and all the different systems they have (alarm, camera, network, ect) It looks like this: Customer 1, System A Customer 1, System B Customer 2, System A Customer 2, System B Customer 2, System C Ect... When you...
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    Adding new record to subtable in a form?

    I have a main form which contains a related subform (one to many). I also have another separate form containing fields from the before mentioned subform, designed to be a dialog that is Data Entry only. I have a button on the main form. How do I program it's on click event to open the dialog...
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    Make image interact with control source

    In a continuous form, each record has as yes/no field. Is there a way to have one image displayed in that record if the field = yes, and another if the field=no? I figured out how to do this in a single view form, but cannot figure out how to make this apply at an individual record level in a...
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    Combing related tables with no join...?!

    Hello everyone! I really need to do this but I'm not sure if it's even possible. (I'm new to Access and databases in general). So I have a main table, called AllCustomers. I have several other tables (ex: AlarmCustomers, CameraCustomers, ect). The main AllCustomers table primary key has a...
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