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    Link to Outlook Contacts - Add Fields

    All, Hope this finds you well. I have a DB linked to Outlook contacts, but not all of the Contact fields are being pulled in. Anyone know how to change the Outlook fields being pushed/pulled? There is a decent Contacts DB template, but the interaction with Outlook is not linked, so the data...
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    Adding a Field value as variable

    OK so just learning here... getting past a few early hurdles will really help. Easy one for you pros! In Table [QueryTest] there are 20 rows of data. I want to add each of the 20 values in field [MarketValueImpact] together to get one cumulative value, using a loop. The code breaks at the...
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    Totals: Group By & Multiply in a Report

    OK - so there is no Multiply option in a report for a series of values (same concept as Sum). I have a range of unitized values that need to be multiplied together. Well known issue but I can't find a straight answer out there. Any ideas?
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    Access front end with mysql back end

    All - i hope you are well. Can anyone send a few good links for a newbie like me to convert my access db to MySQL? I assume the queries should be moved too so access is just the front end. Thoughts and links welcome.
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    Creating New Rows

    All, I'm trying to make Access work like XL, creating data on new rows based on prior rows. Sort of like an accounting system Best to give an example. See the attached spreadsheet I will have Columns A - E in the Table Column F values are what I need to create. See the formulas. A few...
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    Correct Method for Place Holders in Union Queries

    GM all. Hoping you are all safe these days. Question on the best practice for plugging a value in a Union All query I need to Union All the following two tables: Table 1 Has an Account's Market Value for each day TABLE 1 FIELDS AccountNumber Date MarketValue Table 2 has an Accounts Activity...
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    Best practice questions for query speed

    All, Here are 2 best practice question for sequencing queries. Question 1) Is it best to create queries off queries so they run in sequence (Flow #1 below) or "Parallel" queries from the same source and then merge them later? The logic in Union Query 1 & 2 is similar but not the same, and not...
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    Union Query with group and Sum

    Hi all. Hope you are all doing well. Easy one... In the Union query below (below the XX's) I need to Group by: AsOf, AcctKey, SecKey, PositionRef and Sum By: Quantity_Impact, MarketVal_Impact, Cash_Impact, Thanks XXXXXXXXXXXXX SELECT AsOf, AcctKey, SecKey, Quantity_Impact...
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    Accounting Logic

    All, I'm trying to replicate accounting logic in Access. Here is the goal: Take an opening Position - Say 20 Shares of IBM on 1/1/2019 and calculate the market value for each business day of the rest of the month. The math for each day is ( Prior Day-end Shares + The Share impact (+/-) of...
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    Total group / sum bug?

    All, Anyone ever see a query Sum not work? Seems when there is only one record to Group by the related field being Sum(ed) is coming up 0 instead of the value in that one record. Same if Max or Min is selected. When there is more than one record bring grouped the related Sum is correct...
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    Simple Union Query with Max, Group

    :banghead:UGH! This is so easy and I'm getting syntax errors. I want to group the Activ_ID and Max the ActivEECO_UpdateDate fields. SELECT Activ_ID, Activ_DatePosted as ActivEECO_UpdateDate FROM Activity_Translated; UNION ALL Select Activ_ID, ActivEECO_UpdateDate FROM...
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    Join with null values

    Hey all, My query has multi-field joins between 2 tables. Is it possible to include Null values on both sides of the joined tables as equal values in one of the joins, so the records relate? In this case the first join is on actual values (the normal way), but the second could have null...
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    Source Table as variable

    hello all, Is it possible to setup a query that has the source tables/fields as a variable? Source Tables : They all have the same data but different field names Position_1: Fields = Account; Value; Date Position_2: Fields = Acct; Val; DT Position_3: Fields = AcctNum; Acctval; AcctDate...
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    Multiple filters in a form

    All, Thanks in advance for the help. I have a form with 2 combo boxes, both able to filter a given field. They both work fine in isolation, but I cannot make then filter together. When I run one filter the other turns off. Here is the code for each Combo Box Private Sub...
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    Filter Forms - for dummy(s)

    All, Thanks in advance for the help. Super easy question and I can't find the super easy answer. I want to add a combo box to a form to filter the list of records, and I cant get it. I see the options to create another form and subform, etc. but it cant be that involved. The database is...
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    append into source table

    I'm getting a validation rule violation on an append query. Cant figure it out. 1) Query #1 finds values in the [Sec_ID] field in the [Source] table nut not in the [Enhanced] table. 2) The append pasted those diffs into the [Enhanced] table The formats for all are Long Integer and the...
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    Select specific - comparing tables

    Here's one for you. I know how to do this with a load of IIF statements, but would rather avoid that.... I have 2 tables - Source - Enhanced They both have the same fields (12 in each table), and relate through a field in both called [AccountNumber]. What I want to do is create a query that...
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    Group by Union Query

    Quick one - I'm a newbie. The following Group by logic is not working. What am I missing?. Thanks for the help. I'm sure it is a semi-colon or something in the wrong place. Code: SELECT Sec_Key, Sec_SourceKey FROM SecurityMaster_Source UNION ALL Select Sec_Key, Sec_SourceKey FROM...
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    Union query - format issue

    All, Thanks in advance. I'm stuck. The union query below has 5 fields and 4 underlying sources. Problem is - not all sources have all the same data, and when I plug NULL it changes the formats of all the output to text. All should be number formats. Unfortunately I cannot plug "0" instead of...
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    Union query - Null value issue

    All, Thanks in advance for the help. Problem is: I have a union query that merges 3 separate prior queries. Each of the 3 has slightly different data (data type fields), so I have to create some null or blank fields for the mis-matched fields. Like this (shorthand using Null as an example)...
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