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    Access Bug? Query View Stuck

    Does anyone know how to fix what seems to me to be a bug in the query view? Using Access Office 365. The tables and links are partially hidden and can't be adjusted. Scroll bar is all the way up yet I don't see the top of the view box to be able to adjust the tables in the view.
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    Copy record with multivalue field to normalize DB

    In the attached sample DB I would like to figure out how to replicate the data of any record that has more than one item selected as part of the FirstName multivalue field. So if the record has three names chosen, I would like to create three new records with each of those names but keeping the...
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    Solved How to identify "selected" items from multivalue combobox

    Hi, At the risk of getting yelled at for asking a multivalue combobox question, I would still like to know, how does one cycle through a multivalue combobox to obtain only the records which were selected? Combobox is called NamesList I am using the following without success. For Each oItem In...
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    Pie Chart not displaying as subreport

    I have a Pie Chart in a report that works just fine. As soon as I place that report with the chart into another report as a subreport, it no longer displays the chart. I tried look at master/child links, which to me seem correct. Record source for the Pie Chart is a query. I have also tried...
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    Split existing record according to multiselect Dropdown and copy to different table

    Hi everyone, Background: I am trying to simplify invoice entry. The user enters the activity to be invoiced using form: "ServiceCharges" The invoice activity for each record could potentially be charged across multiple client projects. To do this, the user selects one or various client...
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    Printing a subreport within other forms

    Within the "Report Center" tab, the user should choose a filter to filter the report that is in place. I would then like to be able to print out the resulting report. I can't seem to accomplish this as the SubReport is part of a form on a tab control. Would love some help with the VBA to...
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    Printing only checked items from MultiSelect listbox

    I would like the user to be able to select a town and then be able to print out the result using the command button. Currently all the items from the listboxes print out (checked and unchecked). I would like to only print out checked items. Thank you.
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    Solved Cascading Combo Box in nested subforms

    Hi, I have received some good help in the past from various people on a project I am working on. Unfortunately I am stuck again with the following: I have several combo boxes embedded in subforms within a navigation form. I know the syntax changes between a standalone form and one embedded as...
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    Solved DoCmd BrowseTo

    Hi, I am looking to use the "DoCmd BrowseTo" along with a "Where Condition" to filter a report in place. I can not for the life of me get the Path to Subform Control argument right. I did try and look at other threads and still can't seem to get it right. Here is my current setup: Form: Main...
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    Applying a filter when used from one unbound subform to another unbound subform while on a navigation control page

    Hi, I have a navigation control with various tabs on it. On my tab called "Task Center" I have a blank form called "Task Center". On this form I have two subforms which are both unbound. The first subform is called "Task Center subform". This form contains various fields. [ID],[Project...
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