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    Javascript Messagebox

    Hey everyone, I am automating a the filling out of a web form. I am able to automate almost all of it, but when I actually save the work. This function gets called, and a message box pops up. It doesn't stop my code like a VBA message I'm able to use Sendkeys to bypass it...but I was...
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    How can I find the 2nd Business Day of the Month?

    Hey guys could really use some help! I am having trouble finding a formula to calculate the second business day of the month. I need this for the rest of my code. The closest thing I found is: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim lngEoM As Long lngEoM = Date-Day(Date) If Date = lngEOM +...
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    Last column left off Spreadsheet import

    That is wild! So we solved the issue. There was an error with the auto-width. It was set to "yes" but the checkbox it was associated with was unchecked. We had to manually resize the last column to enable this checkbox to work correctly. Not only did we have to do this, but we had to set a...
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    Last column left off Spreadsheet import

    Thank you for your reply. I agree with you. We couldn't even get the last column to update when we tried to import the excel file with the access excel import wizard. The documents are 97-2003 so I don't think xlsx is an issue, but I compared the excel document that I had opened and saved with...
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    Last column left off Spreadsheet import

    Hey guys I think I may have a tough question So I query data from our SQL db with sap business objects infoview and it spits out an excel file. I have aN access db with a macro that pulls the excel data into a table with docmd transfer spreadsheet. (used macro builder.) The problem is: It will...
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