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    Maximise a power point show when it opens from command button in access

    Hi i have a access db that opens various power point ppsx files via hyperlinks is there any simple code i can add after the hyperlink that will open them maximised? the ppsx files are all set to open as kiosk view and work fine when opened directly but not from the hyperlink Private Sub...
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    Checking if file exists Type mismatch

    Hi All im having issues with this bit of code can anyone assist with what i'm missing / doing wrong hopefully its something simple im just over looking or not familiar with I'm getting a Type Mismatch alert when i run the code. checking for a vbstring in the directory is where i think i'm...
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    Attach multiple files from a directory folder to email .pdf & .jpg or other image files

    Hi all im sure there is posts out there that cover this but everything i found was very old or seemed overly complex so i thought id ask the question fresh. My Case file i have a simple database that stores vehicle data and repair history new repairs are documented and the report / workcard is...
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    Solved Report will not save as PDF

    Hi all would appreciate any advice I'm having issues with saving a report to a path "i'm creating path if its not there" then using the docmd.outputTo to save the file as acformatPDF the path all works fine and saves the file but its not being saved as a PDF just a generic file now the...
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    Command Button msgbox only works once

    Hi Have a small issue with a command button it works fine and gives the desired message if there is no content in the referenced control but the message box changes to a syntax error warning if the button is pressed a second time without data in the control is there and easy code line to reset...
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    Hi So I live down under more a dabbler than a programmer though I have done a fair bit of small DB stuff across the years and always enjoyed the challenges of getting new things working, its a hobby for me that has had benefits in my various roles.. never to old to learn new things --&-- never...
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