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    Solved ACCDE hide Ribbon stopped working

    Hi, I look after a small MS ACCESS DB - we use office 365 and have latest updates on. The DB loads with a Display Form: "frmLoginDialog" - this lets a user select their NAME and IMPORTANTLY - runs VBA command Private Sub Form_Load() DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarNo End Sub HIDE...
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    email - DoCmd.SendObject - slow to load

    Hi All, I look after a small MS Access application where basic emails can be generated via a button click. (sometimes with attachment and sometimes without) When we use the DoCmd.SendObject method the email now takes between 20 to 30 seconds to 'pop up' - previously this was 1 to 2 seconds...
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    Hello from North Wales

    Hi All, Im an SQL developer with 18 years experience. Ive have various interactions with MS access over the years and have now moved into a role where im developing an Access Application for a small finance company. Im hoping to be able to find some support through this forum - it certainly...
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