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  1. Oldsoftboss

    Browse CD link

    Hi all, I have created an index page on a CD to automatically run when the CD is inserted. From this page I have links that will open PDF files on the CD (Its a user manual type thing). I would like to put another link on the page to open windows explorer with the CD directory displayed but cant...
  2. Oldsoftboss

    Stripping File Names

    I am at a bit of a loss with the left/right functions to strip down a file name as follows: I have a list of autocad reference files located at E:\Equipment Drawing Database\FANTECH FANS\AE404S.dwg E:\Equipment Drawing Database\FANTECH FANS\AD314D.dwg etc. These file paths are saved in a...
  3. Oldsoftboss

    Insight from Gen Y.

    Any one seen this? My daughter sent it to me. Unbelievable clever. Dave
  4. Oldsoftboss

    Another Access - Vista Gem

    As a database developer I have several computers set up to test network situations with front end / back end applications. On my Vista Business laptop I have an uncomplicated front end. (No Access security set up) and the back end on an XP desktop. All is fine. Situation... Vista updated...
  5. Oldsoftboss

    Field Zoom Box

    Ever found you are running out of room and your forms and want the fields a bit bigger? (Who hasn't) Here's an alternative... It's a simple zoom box that can be customized to suit your needs and can be called from almost any field. I use a double click event on fields I want to allow extra...
  6. Oldsoftboss

    Challenging Sort Order

    I have been grappling with this for some time to no avail. I have developed a database to keep track of assets. Each asset has a categoryID, and this controls what labels appear next to the field names (Building category might have Address, Date Constructed, Height etc, Computer category might...
  7. Oldsoftboss

    Left Right Left Right

    I have an excel spreadsheet with text in one of the cells in the follow format: Nrecs: 19 Nrecs: 192 Nrecs: 2219 Nrecs: 33319 Nrecs: Stands for the No of records (or rows) that contain data. How do I strip the Nrecs: to leave just the number ? I have tried all variants of the left and right...
  8. Oldsoftboss

    Progress Bar

    Just a sample for those out there trying to create a "Windows" looking progress bar. The function RunProgressBar can be called from anywhere Dave
  9. Oldsoftboss

    Vista - Dreamweaver - No Help

    Note for new players..... One day the help on my new Vista laptop stopped working. It just displayed a message that it couldn't download something or other. After searching the net, I found this.... Seems that...
  10. Oldsoftboss

    Google Desktop Search

    Well, anyone use it? I purchased a new laptop a week ago and noticed it came with Google Desktop Search, how ever each time I open it the following message appears: None of these programs are running (half of them I dont have) I press "OK Close these applications" then it just closes and...
  11. Oldsoftboss

    Better way to code

    I have spent today updating our home page (raining outside, nothing much else to do!) I coded the background page to load a random image each time the page refreshes, but with my access experience, I feel the code is messy and could be...
  12. Oldsoftboss

    Bloody Microsoft...

    Any one come across this problem recently? Latest windows update recommended installing Internet Explorer 7. Well, why not. Installed, checked it out, big deal. Went to open a db on a networked computer at home, one that I had been playing with all afternoon, and got this... Microsoft Access...
  13. Oldsoftboss

    Displaying Images in Access

    Db show how to select and display as well as print linked images.
  14. Oldsoftboss

    Google Earth

    Anyone using Google Earth, but sick of the thing opening up in the good ol' US of A I read somewhere to create a shortcut on your desktop and add this path ",%20australia&output=kml" (without the quotation marks) Just change the location and country to...
  15. Oldsoftboss

    Any Moderators around

    Anybody notice the site seems to be getting more spam than ever before. Can Moderators delete these posts and remove the users from the system? Dave
  16. Oldsoftboss

    Two reports into one

    I suppose the title says it all. I have a Db that I use for commissioning equipment. On one form I have several tabs, with Fan Data on one tab (and table) Pump Data (and table) on another tab etc I can print a report based on each tab, but would like a "Project" report, where the reports from...
  17. Oldsoftboss

    Open jpg image error

    Senario... On one of my PC's at home I thought I would give Office 2007 a go. It ran so slow and bogged down that I un-installed it and re-installed Office XP Now when opening a db with an image the attached error message appears. The Db opened OK previously, and works on my other PC's, so I...
  18. Oldsoftboss

    Resize List Box Columns

    Not my work, credit to the authors mentioned throught the code.... Pity Access doesn't come standard with this feature. Dave
  19. Oldsoftboss

    Am I missing Something??

    Downloaded and am trialing Visual Basic 2005 Express. Created a couple of forms, but went to do a couple things and said WHAAAAT?? Tried to set the tab order of controls. The only way I could find was to go to each control and enter the no. Went to draw an etched box around a couple of text...
  20. Oldsoftboss

    Sorting and Searching

    This example demonstrates a way to sort listbox columns in ascending and decending order, and how to programmatically narrow a search in any field of the list box. Dave
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