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  1. Frothingslosh

    Weird Adobe Export Error

    Okay, so I'm exporting the results of a query to a fillable PDF and saving them to a different folder. Null sweat, right? The problem I'm running into is this: My first two files generate just fine, but the third one kicks back a Type Mismatch error. I've determined which line it is (the PO...
  2. Frothingslosh

    Combo Box Length Limit?

    Okay, I'm stumped. Is there any way to display more than 255 characters in a combo box? This is for Access 2016, for what it's worth. The reason is that in an application I inherited, there is a method for users to update the 'Comments' field on multiple records at once. During this update...
  3. Frothingslosh

    Sudden Change in Event Behavior?

    Okay, in a nutshell, I have this form that generates its underlying SQL when it is opened and assigns the recordset as part of a procedure called by Form_Open. One of the things I do is check to see if the recordset is empty, and if so, I notify the user. However, the users have requested that...
  4. Frothingslosh

    Fixing #DELETED# After Data Change

    Okay, on one form in an app I'm building, I'm getting notifications that records are showing #DELETED# in all fields after a data change. I've narrowed down the cause to the form being based on a SQL Server view, and the specific data change immediately causing the record to be filtered out by...
  5. Frothingslosh

    Error 'Constant Expression Required' For Constant

    Okay, this is a weird one. I have a procedure that is somewhat long. In a nutshell, it takes 2 required and 7 optional parameters, validates an excel file and worksheet name, does a number of different things based on whether or not the file or sheet already exists and what the calling code...
  6. Frothingslosh

    Error message with a shared database

    Um...interesting problem. I didn't know invisible ink was an option on this forum. ;)
  7. Frothingslosh

    Colored Background For Windows View in A2016

    Here's something someone might find useful. I don't know about Access 2013, but in Access 2016, Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, decided to limit the color themes available in Access. Unlike the rest of the Office suite, there is no longer a color theme available that turns the Access...
  8. Frothingslosh

    VBA to Close Excel Not Closing Excel

    Okay, this one is driving me bananas. I have a driver procedure that is supposed to call a number of sub-procedures, then close the spreadsheet I was importing from and quit Excel. Here is the code. Please excuse the mess, it's still under development, so this isn't my final code by any means...
  9. Frothingslosh

    Hey, anyone else having issues getting to Chip Pearson's site? I'm getting nothing but 404 errors from it all of a sudden.
  10. Frothingslosh

    Intermittent Error

    This is getting aggravating. I have an app that has recently started randomly returning the following error from SQL Server when executing a procedure from Access: The procedure in question is called by a pass-through query that is literally just EXEC and a series of parameters. EXEC...
  11. Frothingslosh

    Need a Couple idMso Names

    I'm trying to modify the Ribbon for an app. My employer has a VERY strict 'no installing anything' policy. That means that it's turning out to be INCREDIBLY difficult to find idMso names for tabs and groups, as the single, solitary thing everyone who ever answers custom Ribbon questions...
  12. Frothingslosh

    Undo Doesn't

    Here's an aggravating situation in Access 2007: I'm trying to set up a check box on an unbound form (basically a search screen) to, when updated, check to see if a specific text box has data entered, and if it doesn't, cancel the update and revert the change. Here is the initial code: Private...
  13. Frothingslosh

    TransferText Error

    Okay, I'm trying to help a co-worker resolve an error he's encountering, and failing miserably. The idea here that the user enters a month/date value into a text field and hits a button, and the system imports a text file that matches the entered value into a specific table. Here is the code...
  14. Frothingslosh

    One of these days...

    ...I will create a recordset loop until EOF and actually remember to include MoveNext. :banghead:
  15. Frothingslosh

    Colors Changing Based on OS?!?

    Okay, this one is driving both my users and myself nuts. I'm designing a bunch of applications for my current employer, and as a new hire, I got one of their Win7 machines rather than a Win8 one. The only other difference of note is that the Win7 machines have Office 2007 installed, while...
  16. Frothingslosh

    Custom Events

    Okay, I'm trying to use the calendar sub form I found HERE in post #4. My problem is that I've not worked with custom events before, and can't figure out how to catch when DateChanged triggers, and how to access the new date it...
  17. Frothingslosh

    Progress Meters (Including Dual-Bar)

    One of the most commonly asked questions I’ve seen on this and other MS Access sites has got to be ‘How do I show a progress bar?’ While Access has a built-in meter bar, upon which I will elaborate momentarily, I’ve also ended up having to create a couple other options that I’ll share. EDIT...
  18. Frothingslosh

    Front End Auto-Update

    We've seen a number of requests lately about automatically distributing database front end files after a new version is released. This is a modified version of code taken elsewhere on the web; I did not write the vast majority of it, only making a couple updates (mainly to keep the code from...
  19. Frothingslosh

    TransferSpreadsheet Woes

    Here's the situation: I have set up a raw data table named "dbo_tblRawData". It has 26 fields (way more than the number of columns I'll ever have to import into this tool), all of which are 100-character text fields. I am trying to use DoCmd.Transferspreadsheet to transfer a spreadsheet into...
  20. Frothingslosh

    Import Excel Data into Access via VBA

    First off, if you're just going to pull a contiguous range of data in and aren't worried about validating the sheet OR the data, then just use the TransferSpreadsheet method. It's much faster, and honestly, easier to use. That said, this is the module I built to handle the procedure when...
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