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  1. selenau837

    Back..for a bit

    Hi folks, I see that nothing has changed. :rolleyes: Bickering and lots of love still going around. It's good to see everyone still getting along. Was I missed...:cool: doubt it....hehehehe Col, I'm glad you're ok. PS I work for an insurance company. :p Catch ya'll tomorrow nyte.
  2. selenau837


    I made it. I'm done and now officially an Applications Development Programmer. I've just started my journy and I do apprieciate all the encouragement I recieved here. I will hopefully have internet access at work, b/c I do miss all of ya'll. I see things have changed some and haven't at...
  3. selenau837


    Hi everyone. I'm half-way through my classes. I have 6 more weeks before I graduate, and placed in my real job. I'm disappointed in myself at the moment. I am 6/10s of a point from an A. Blah...blah..blah. I guess I have to work harder to make that up. I currently have a 9.20 (out of 100...
  4. selenau837

    Hey guys

    Hey folks, just wanted to say hi while I could. They removed my internet access while I'm in class. :mad: So, I can't even visit at lunch. Miss me yet? Is Rich, Col, Kenny boy, Dan, Kraj, Shane and Bodi being good? Not killin' each other? Well so far I've learned about TSO and JCL. I've...
  5. selenau837

    Last day

    Well, folks I have made it!! Today is my last day in my area, as well as my last day to post here durning the day. It will be awhile before I can post here again on a regular basis. I'll be around at night, but I won't be on during the day to keep the peace, and make sure Col and Rich play...
  6. selenau837

    IIF and ISNull in a Query

    Hi guys, I have a mod called EntryAge. It requires two arguments. A start date and an End date. I'm trying to use it in a Query, but I am running into problems because there are times when the Start date and the end date are both Blank. I've tried this nested statement and it keeps...
  7. selenau837

    Populate Form

    I have a simple question I am sure for others. I have two forms. Entry form--it is used to load data as well as I want it to be populated and show data when called upon. Pending form--it shows all pending groups. The pending form is a continuous form and it has a button with a double...
  8. selenau837

    Pin drops....PING!!! (Silence)

    Wow, it is VERY quiet in the cooler today. Is today a holiday that I am unaware of? If so, I want to know so I can take it off!!! I figured tomorrow would be a quiet day with the date being what it is! I'm not worried, but I bet tomorrow will cause alot of people to call in for the day.
  9. selenau837

    Happy Birtday Bodisathva

    Happy early birthday!!!!
  10. selenau837

    Automatic Logout of MS Access

    I have searched and searched and finally found code that would log people out of a database. It pops up a message box, stating the database will be xx amount of time. This only happens when the DBA sets it too run that code. It then runs the code for everyone in the database and...
  11. selenau837

    Republicans Vs. Democrats

    No flames please, but I have an honest question. On many occasions I’ve heard, you’re a Single mom, how can you be a Republican. Can you explain that to me? You’ve heard my reasons, even if they are based on experience, I still feel strongly about them. Can I be given facts, in ‘Selena’s’...
  12. selenau837

    How as the forum helped you, and Who has influenced you the most!

    I thought this would be a sweet thread that can't be hijacked or twisted into a political battleground. How has the forum helped me and who has influenced me the most. The forum has helped me learn a great deal about access and VBA code. Rural Guy, Pat, SJ, Matty, Ghudson! They are awesome...
  13. selenau837

    Date Data Type problem

    Below is a function that is in my database. It has a Date Datatype. The problem I am running into is when all the arguments that are passed are null, it is returning a 12:00AM value. I read in the help files that: I'm assuming it is changing to midnight becuase 0 is being returned. My...
  14. selenau837


    Quick question on the avatars. I've seen so many cute ones that are animated avatars. However when I try to upload one myself, it says I can't. :( Why? Did it change and the ones that had it before the change keep theirs, or am I doing something wrong?
  15. selenau837

    ATI Video card on laptop

    Ok, folks other than tossing my lap top out of the window what are my options here. I've been getting a blue screen saying that my atidv32...(Something like that) is corrupted and had to shut down my windows. Since I have an ATI card, I found my recovery disk and reinstalled those drivers...
  16. selenau837

    Monday Mornin'

    Good Morning, (afternoon for the UK folks). It's a beautiful Monday Morning here in SC. Sun shinning, birds singing, flowers springing to life. :D
  17. selenau837

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday NJudson!
  18. selenau837

    Happy Mothers Day

    I should have done this sooner, but better late than never. Happy Mothers day to all the moms here on the forum!!
  19. selenau837

    Date span printed on run

    I have a report that is based on a query. Before the query runs, it ask for a date span as it criteria. Exp 01/01/06 - 3/1/06. How do I make that criteria from that query fill a text box. They want the date span they put in as the criteria to be placed at the top of the report. Thanks in...
  20. selenau837

    Recordset Help

    I'm a bit daft when it comes to recordsets to update a table. I've searched the forum and can't find what I need. I was hoping I could find help here. Below is my code I'm trying to use to update two tables. I use a query to get the SQL I needed, but it still isn't working. I'm...
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