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    Try a search of the forum for the term - cascading combos
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    Someone has hacked the forum :(

    I had the same issue with both IE and Firefox. Finally I created a new account here on the forum and when I log in with the new name it works just fine.
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    Has the forum been hijacked?

    It's odd that it worked for you and not for me. One day the answer will surface i'm sure.
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    Until that day
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    and also was
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    Has the forum been hijacked?

    On logout I receive a message stating that the cookie has been deleted. I didn't delete all cookies but maybe if I did my old account would work.... is that what you are saying? Edit: Nope that didn't work I deleted all cookies and still no go with old account.... bummer
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    Let's rebuild!

    Gee, I thought the old structure was just fine. It was broken down into sections that seemed to work well. Why fix it if it ain't broke?
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    Has the forum been hijacked?

    I am using Firefox 1.07. I just created a new account and it works ok. Works ok in IE now too.... but I lost my post count of course. Oh well, no biggie
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