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    Link FE's with BE's with just a click

    Read the readme.... this should be pretty much self explanatory I am not sure where the original came from but I added the listbox to make changing BE's faster and easier. Enjoy :D
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    Record saving woes

    Ok, here is my scenario. I have several FE's each saving in their own BE. They are all the same but for different areas of our business. Each has around 20-30 users. I recently introduced another form into the FE that has linked tables to another different BE in another folder. Each FE out...
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    Enable, disable, visible, locked, etc

    These 97 and 2000 version DB's will show you how to do different things with your forms. Controls can be made visible or invisible, enabled or disabled, locked or unlocked, and made to contain different text depending on the value of another control. There are also buttons to disable and enable...
  4. J

    Multiple version install

    I know its possible to have 2 different versions of Access installed, and that you have to uninstall then start in with the earliest version. BUT can I have 3 different versions? I think it should be no problem but thought I would ask first. I am looking at 97, 2000, and 2003. Plan is to do just...
  5. J

    version conflict

    An application that I made was created in Access 2000 as I was told that all users had at least this or newer. Of course a user with 97 popped up. Instead of having them purchase 2000 or newer I converted my app to 97 version. I expected troubles with references. So far this has only been a...
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    Deleting oldest file

    Greetings! I am using this in a module to copy files to a directory: ---------------------------- Public Function Backup() Dim fso As FileSystemObject Dim sSourcePath As String Dim sSourceFile As String Dim sBackupPath As String Dim sBackupFile As String sSourcePath = "c:\a\" sSourceFile =...
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    Listbox filtering

    I have done this before with success but can't seem to sort this out for some reason. Maybe someone can spot the trouble... I am trying to filter a listbox on my form with a combo. Here is the code behind the combo: Private Sub RepSort_AfterUpdate() Me.listbox1.RowSource = "SELECT [Basic...
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    Errant message box

    In the onchange event of a combo I have this code: Me.Form.Requery If Me.RecordsetClone.RecordCount = 0 Then MsgBox "Sorry, no records meet your chosen criteria", , "Notice!" End If This is used in several different DB's and has been working well. All of a sudden one of them has started...
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    I have noted a problem on 2 computers using this. There are around 30 or so computers on our network that work fine with this as a value. The majority of the users are at Access 2000 but some have Access XP. The offending machines have Access 2000 One day a persons computer crashed. DP imaged...
  10. J

    Find and Replace

    Is it possible to change the background color on the Find and Replace dialog box that access provides? I open it with this code: DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acEditMenu, 10, , acMenuVer70
  11. J

    Listbox recordsource value

    How do I determine what value my listbox has? Here is what generates the records from Form 2: If Not IsNull(Me.[StartDate]) And Not IsNull(Me.[EndDate]) Then strCriteria = strCriteria & "tblWO.Created Between #" & _ Format(Me.[StartDate], "m/d/yyyy") & "# And #" & _...
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    Listbox population

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could look at this code and see where I am going wrong. I open form 2 from form 1 and Form 2 has date fields populated by a calendar. When I click the search button on Form 2 I am trying to populate the listbox on form1 with records between the selected dates on...
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    What is this??

    My query includes a field from the table called VoiceMail. This is a yes/no field and is a checkbox on my form. When I create a new report based on this query using the wizard, The first item on the list is Expr1000. The VoiceMail field is also a choice. I do NOT have Expr1000 anywhere in my...
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    Query help

    What would I change in this query so that if one or both combos were left blank, the records for the combo(s) would ALL be returned to my form? This works now but I need a value in both combos or I get no records returned. SELECT tblWO.WOnumber, tblWO.Status, tblWO.Property, tblWO.Description...
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    adding table to query

    My form is based on a select query. There are 2 combos that filter the data displayed in the form by status and property. All of the data is contained in the same table and the query is looking at just the one table. Clicking a button opens a listbox that contains all of the filtered data and...
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    Listbox Trouble

    Hi ! On my form I am opening a listbox onclick of a command button. Form recordsource is from a select query. In the listbox rowsource I have this: SELECT tblWO.Status, tblWO.Property, tblWO.Asset FROM tblWO WHERE ((( tblWO.Status) Like [Forms]![FrmFilter]![FrmFilterCombo] & "*")); This only...
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    Form recordset

    Hi all I would like to filter my form - AdminForm with a combo box. If the user selects one of the choices.... Open, Completed, Hold then the records would be sorted by that criteria. There is a bound combo on the form now for the user to choose the state that the record is in and it coincides...
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    Field focus and making MDE files

    When I insert this code: Private Sub Phone_Click() Me.Phone.SelStart = 0 End Sub Access will no longer make an MDE file. I was trying to make it so when the Phone field was clicked in the focus would be at the beginning of the field. If I remove these lines, an MDE is possible again. I have...
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    Printing from multiple forms

    I am trying to print one record displayed in a form. I also need to print one record in another form at different times. I have one form working fine. It prints out the displayed record in my report just fine by clicking the Print_report button. I copied the report and renamed it. in this form...
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    Opening Exclusively

    I had a member of our data processing working on a pc here to change it over to our new intranet domain. Permissions were set for the user and all looked ok. After he got done, and left of course, I could not access my program and neither could anyone else or so it seemed. The prompt stated that...
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