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    DLookup in a query

    I have looked through various posts, but can't seem to find the scenario I am dealing with. I have an expense dtabase I am building. It links to a Capacity dB that contains all of our metrics, such as # of delinquent accounts, # of workable accounts, # calls made, etc. In the expense dB, I...
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    Select Multiple criteria for query on a form

    I was searching through here looking for a solution to the following problem: I am building a Capacity database for work. The requirements require that users be able to sort by numerous criteria (Forecast Date, Portfolio, Market, Bucket, Month), all from a simple form that will spit out the...
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    DAvg in Dynamic Crosstab report footer

    I'm still fairly new to VBA and this is the frist time I have tried to do a dynamic crosstab report(got it from a microsoft link in another thread). What I am looking to do is create an 'Actuals/Forecast' report, with a 12 month Avg and Totals at the end of each row and a group avg and total...
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    Random dropdowns not returning results

    I have built a Project/Resource database for our department, and I am having an issue with 3 computers in the group. First, all of our computers are setup the same (as far as I can tell), however, there are 3 users that have the same issue...when selecting an item from a dropdown, it should...
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