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  1. eirman

    "Many To Many" DB Example

    Could some point me to a database(s) in the "Sample Databases" section that demonstrate Many To Many relationships (with link table(s)) in action. Thanks for looking.
  2. eirman

    Correct Methodology Rebuilding Corrupt DB

    I had a badly corrupted form in a front end DB. Compact/Repair didn't work. Importing everything into a new DB didn't work .... the db crashed access. I imported everything except the dud form into a new db and everything was fine. I copied all the fields and controls into a new form. When it...
  3. eirman

    Make Visible When Field Is Not Empty

    I've got a memo field on a form where the name is TextEXTRA The Control Source for TextEXTRA is EXTRA. I've got a box called BoxSHOW (Visible = No) As I browse through records or find records, I want the box to become visible when there is something in the EXTRA field and become invisible when...
  4. eirman

    Any advantage Of Splitting with one user?

    If a database has only one user on one PC, is there any advantage in splitting it into front/back end DBs
  5. eirman

    Better Code To Show/Hide Ribbon + NavPane

    I'm using this code to show and hide the ribbon & navigation pane from within a form. I'm using a regular command button as a toggle. It works fine in normal daily use, but not always, after coming out of design mode. Sometimes the form I'm designing closes and sometimes the nav pane shows and...
  6. eirman

    Add Record Name To Deletion MsgBox

    I'm using this stardard piece of code on a button that deletes a record from a simple continuous contact form. If MsgBox("Do You Want To Delete This Record?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton2, "Delete?") = vbYes Then DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSelectRecord DoCmd.RunCommand...
  7. eirman

    Failte From Ireland

    Multiple searches kept bringing me back to this website. It seems like one of the best Access resorces on the net. I'm looking forward to increasing my Access knowledge and helping out when I can.
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