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    Import rows and columns from excel

    I have 330 excel sheets I need to import rows 77-101 and columm A,B,F,G,H I have it working upto a point IE. It wont move to next excel row. I have to do it with the code below as I will be adding a date to each entry in db which is part of the filename which is not a problem. Sub...
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    Query To Count Levels

    I do remember getting an answer to this a few years but can't find the post as at the time didn't need to use as had a code solution but am starting something new an would like to use the query. I have a totals query that returns Total 5 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 This would normally give an output like...
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    Colour Output for forums

    I'm working on a posting system for Apollo I have it working on my forums And vBulletin but needed to test with Xenforo I.E. this site lol The output below seems to work just like VBulletin wich is good for me lol Test list from 21/12/2020 design version data Adam Ant - What's Going On Alison...
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    Solved Listbox Vertical Slider issues

    Thought I had corrected this but found its not me I'm using Version 2016 (365) The top Image shows the list when the side bar is not active loads of space left I'm wondering if this is because I change the column widths on the fly depending on the filter selected?? And If you notice the Time...
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    @MajP Looking for the download for yourtree view, Must be going blind or just not having a good day:(
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    What program do you think is your best work

    I'm posting this as am sitting here stuned at the program I just built, After 25 years I can say I have built somethng I can be really proud of.
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    Loving My Mrs At The Moment

    Don't know what I've done ;) but she has spoiled me rotten with my new office desk and A New set of DJ Speaker for my music player. They sound amazing just in case anybody is intersted here's the amazon link:
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    QueryDef, sql String Issues

    Been trying to get a Recordcount From A SQL String which works when Assigned as a RecordSource The Query is made up of the following items StrWhere = "[ArtistID]=1123" Just example Qry = "QryMediaPlayer" This is the query assigned to the forms recordsource I have tried running a...
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    How silly do I feel

    I just spent a good 3 hours trying to find out why a complex sequence wasn't working correcly, I finally put my correct brain on to find I had forgot to requery the subform. I'm now Writing a note to self Requery 100 times.
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    I would love to know why micrsoft Bot is only crewling over my downloads section

    I've noticed a lot of visits from a few address which I've traced back to the misrosoft bot why only my downloads not that they can download any but it uses my page views.
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    recipies Template from access 2k

    I'm looking for the template for recipies from the 2k version of office if you have a copy you can share I would appreciate it Thanks Mick
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    Move to a subform record

    this works but the record is set as the first record regardless of the sort order Dim R As DAO.Recordset On Error GoTo HandleErr If Not IsNothing(Me.OpenArgs) Then Set R = Me.Sub_ZfrmTracks.Form.RecordsetClone R.FindFirst "[TrackID] = " & Me.OpenArgs...
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    Solved Hide display Elements

    On my site I have a number of pages that I would like to create lists for I.E. Q/A type thing My problem is I can use the code form But would i be able to edit the function and call so I could use it to display the anwer for any...
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    Move Combobox list

    Looking at the image below you will see the combo list displays as normal what I would like if for the list to open to the left I.E. the right side below the track field. I can think of 2 ways to achive what I want I.E. Add a column and give it x width Build a custom form and move it into...
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    Crisis Of Design

    I have added a ERD picture for this one. Please note tbltracks in red. My issue is the Track Title as I'm expecting the db to hold a large amount of data as the freeware project is being designed for use by DJ's I am trying to think of the best way to handle the track title. there will be a...
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    Crosstab Queries

    I have build a number of crossbab queries. one a last 12 month units sold which is not the problem my problem is a weekly crosstab as in image I need to enbend it into a report and form but the column heads will chenge depening on the week I.E. Wk19 - Wk31 what I need is for it to allways show...
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    Field Cannot be updated

    I have a number of sub forms on a orders form and also a PoOrders form My Problem is when I do the following I get the message in title but after oking the message the field Updates without a problem But this only happens: When I use an exppression in The data query like...
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    UBound Limit in for statment

    DDArray = Split(Str, " ") 'copy OpenArgs values to array For I = LBound(DDArray) To UBound(DDArray) I'm sure there's a way of doing this but I just can't remember, I just know I'm going to kick myself. Want I want Is to loop trough the...
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    Comact and repair menue

    I am using the following ribbon button but want to set a can close boolean is there a way using this <button idMso="FileCompactAndRepairDatabase" label="Compact and Repair" visible="true" size="large" supertip="Maintain the health of your database by compacting and repairing"/>...
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    Northwind DomainFunctionWrappers

    I'm creating my own version of nothwind like I have been doing with my templates except I will be using my version to cover problems I see in that area of design. I'm currently going over the old and current version of northwind to create a schema, ERD and looking for useful items and came...
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