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  1. selenau837

    Happy birthday Vass

    Yup....hope to stay longer this time....
  2. selenau837

    Hi goes phone allows me on ill be watching again.

    Hi goes phone allows me on ill be watching again.
  3. selenau837

    Happy birthday Vass

    Happy birthday....
  4. selenau837

    Hello long time no see.

    Hello long time no see.
  5. selenau837

    Back..for a bit

    RICHARD!!!! :eek:
  6. selenau837

    Happy birthday Ron

    Happy B'day!!
  7. selenau837

    Back..for a bit

    Well rak, when I'm on your side of the planet, I'll make sure to drop by. Well I think it would be awesome if Ken brought some processed deer. Deer cube steak, sausage....etc. Yummy!!!!
  8. selenau837

    Back..for a bit

    Of course Dan.....ya'll can all come to the reception. We're holding a private ceremony and then holding a big party after. As for the postponement turned out to be hard to do what we wanted around Christmas time. I so love the fact my thread has gotten everyone wiled up and...
  9. selenau837

    Back..for a bit

    Yes, we plan on gettin' hitched this Summer *uses her colorful English* Col....we live in C.O.L.U.M.B.I.A S.O.U.T.H C.A.R.O.L.I.N.A.. Does spellin' it out Col help ya deary.. :p
  10. selenau837

    Back..for a bit

    We put off the wedding until this Summer, however he has since moved down to Columbia to live with me. Life is wonderful thank you Col :D . Humor, possible abuse, fun, bickering, enjoyable conversation.....:cool: Thanks Rak.........that's adorable. ;)
  11. selenau837

    Back..for a bit

    The kids are doing well, and the job is great. I'm actually enjoying programming with COBOL. I do miss MS Access though.
  12. selenau837

    Back..for a bit

    Hi folks, I see that nothing has changed. :rolleyes: Bickering and lots of love still going around. It's good to see everyone still getting along. Was I missed...:cool: doubt it....hehehehe Col, I'm glad you're ok. PS I work for an insurance company. :p Catch ya'll tomorrow nyte.
  13. selenau837

    Col's last day

    I'm a bit late, but better late than never. Good luck Col.....:D
  14. selenau837

    Happy Birthday Ken

    Ohh, DUH!!!
  15. selenau837

    Happy Birthday Ken

    You two? I'm not preggers darlin'.....:rolleyes:
  16. selenau837

    Happy Birthday Ken

    I know it's late..but better late than never. At least I was able to wish you happy b'day last year...
  17. selenau837

    What members can't live without...

    Hmm, none of you can live with out the 'cooler.....
  18. selenau837

    Christmas Greetings

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  19. selenau837

    Congratulations TessB

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!
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