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    linking field from main form to sub form

    Hi, I have an entry form with a field(combo box) called cboGetCode. I also have a sub form (continuous form) with number of fields, also an entry form. Now, I have added a code behind the cboGetCode AfterUpdate event to populate the result to relevant fields in the main form. Me.lngSCode =...
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    Using two combo boxes to generate report

    Hi, I have a database with a table name tblTeachersProfile and a report format based on the table. I also have a form with two combo boxes name cboState and cboCounty base on field from the table and a control button called Get. Now, I would like to make selection from the two combo boxes and...
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    Database User Name Displayed on Welcome Form

    Hi, I have an Assess 2007 database with a user table. This table holds database user names and user passwords an entry permission to the database. I also have a welcome form that activates when user enters the database using either of the user names and user password in the user table. Now, I...
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