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    Link FE's with BE's with just a click

    Read the readme.... this should be pretty much self explanatory I am not sure where the original came from but I added the listbox to make changing BE's faster and easier. Enjoy :D
  2. J

    Database Window not closing with startup menu!!!

    The last line of instructions: All of your forms will need to be set to modal- yes and pop up- yes
  3. J

    Database Window not closing with startup menu!!!

    Delete your duplicate posts!! Did you see this post? What I use: make a new function: Function fSetAccessWindow(nCmdShow As Long) Dim loX As Long Dim loForm As Form On Error Resume Next Set loForm = Screen.ActiveForm If Err...
  4. J

    Record saving woes

    Well, thanks anyway.... it sure is a puzzler and I appreciate you taking some of your time to think about my issues. As it stands now I am blaming permissions. If anyone else has an idea or something for me to try, please let me know. Any ideas are welcome at this point. Edit: OR if you can...
  5. J

    Record saving woes

    Yes this is true, however, it has been working fine for almost 2 years and still works fine for a lot of people.
  6. J

    Record saving woes

    Yes that is correct. The original form that saves to the original BE is the one that stops saving when the new form and it's linked tables are added to the FE. This only happens with some users though. Thats the strange part, and the same setup works fine for everyone in other deployment areas...
  7. J

    Record saving woes

    Just closing the form or advancing to the next record has always saved the record in the past just fine and this is the way it normally works. I did place this code in the submit button just before the close form statement but it made no difference: RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord As far as...
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    Record saving woes

    Ok, here is my scenario. I have several FE's each saving in their own BE. They are all the same but for different areas of our business. Each has around 20-30 users. I recently introduced another form into the FE that has linked tables to another different BE in another folder. Each FE out...
  9. J

    Automatically sending an email reminder every thursday of the week

    Just a thought, you could use Windows task manager to run the DB at a predetermined time and have Access shut itself down after the mail is sent. Add yourself to the mailing list to check that it is working.
  10. J

    How Long You Been Together?

    1st time.... 9 years 2nd time... 9 months Presently... 5 years (I got it right this time :D )
  11. J

    Geek pickup lines

    Not a pick up line but I always liked this: C:/dos C:/dos/run run/dos/run :D
  12. J

    New User - automatically fill fields

    Check this: There are many other exapmles on this site too... try the search
  13. J

    Cellphone ban while driving

    As a NY state resident I can attest to this. The law has been in place for a couple of years. Sadly though it is still VERY common to see drivers using the hand held phone. I rarely talk on my cell and I still think the law is a waste. Someone somewhere made some $$$ on it or it would have not...
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    Check box

    Check out my sample database:
  15. J

    Am I right or wrong?

    Caveat Emptor If the business has interest in staying in business than they would certainly let you return them. Bad press via word of mouth should be a powerful advantage for you if they have any experience under their belt. I bet the business is fairly new?
  16. J

    Update another table

    If the field is mandatory, why not just make them fill it out? Don't let them leave till the form is complete.
  17. J

    display message if field left empty

    I typically use a submit button and in the onclick event will be code like this: If IsNull(YourControlName) Then MsgBox "You have to choose something in the YourControlName field!", , "Incomplete Form!" YourControlName.SetFocus End If
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    How can I?

    Right click your query in the database window and save as a form.
  19. J

    Access is too big! how to reduce size?

    Change the pictures from embedded to linked. After making the changes then do your compact and repair. That will remove any voids and reduce the size of your db.
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    but she didn't
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