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    How to determine who is logged on my database?

    I have been using this code for quite a while, now it doesn't work. I get an error saying that the object or provider is not capable of performing the operation, and highlights: Set rs = cn.OpenSchema(adSchemaProviderSpecific, _ , "{947bb102-5d43-11d1-bdbf-00c04fb92675}") Any suggestions?
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    OldValue of a ComboBox non-bound field

    Audit rail combobox-"OldText", not OldValue needed. Did you ever find a solution to this? I am dealing with the same issue.
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    DLookup in a query

    I am generating new metrics based on the ones in the original tables, but all of them, original and genrated are reported on, month over month. I can create a majority of the new ones in just one query, whereas when I use the 'normalized' version, it requires me to create each new metric in a...
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    DLookup in a query

    Well, because of the way I am calculating metrics, ratios, etc in my Capacity db, having each metric as a separate column works great, as the number of queries I would need to do my calculations would be astonomical(we looked into it prior to building). So, since I need my metrics as a value in...
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    DLookup in a query

    Not looking for anyone to build it for me, but would you have some suggestions on how I would start a function like that? I haven't really done too much with creating functions.
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    DLookup in a query

    Here is the screenshot Hopefully this screenshot will help anyone understand it a bit better.
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    DLookup in a query

    Hopefully this screenshot will help anyone understand it a bit better.
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    DLookup in a query

    That might work, but it would require alot of manual changes should new metrics be added to the field list. I was hoping to have the query just lookup whatever metric found in Allocation_Metric as a field name in sqry_Actuals_Total. Currently, it does bring back a value from the ADA...
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    DLookup in a query

    The field [Allocation_Metric] contains values, which are field names. When the query runs, it needs to lookup the field name in [Allocation_Metric] and find that field in the sqry_Actuals_Totals query and retun the value in that field, based on the [ActualsID] found in the first column of the...
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    DLookup in a query

    I have looked through various posts, but can't seem to find the scenario I am dealing with. I have an expense dtabase I am building. It links to a Capacity dB that contains all of our metrics, such as # of delinquent accounts, # of workable accounts, # calls made, etc. In the expense dB, I...
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    Someone has hacked the forum :(

    The only area I can seem to access threads is the new posts page. Is the page with the list of areas gone?
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    Running Sum Query to create Graph / Chart

    Crosstab won't recognize 'a' table Jon, I used your SQL to get my cummulative numbers (work great, thanks!), however, I now have a problem generating a crosstab query on the results. It says it won't recognize 'a.ForecastMonth'. Even after entering this into the Parameters statement, it...
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    Select Multiple criteria for query on a form

    I was searching through here looking for a solution to the following problem: I am building a Capacity database for work. The requirements require that users be able to sort by numerous criteria (Forecast Date, Portfolio, Market, Bucket, Month), all from a simple form that will spit out the...
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    Receiving runtime error

    THANK YOU!!!!! This fixed a problem I was having...this is the greatest forum in the whole world!
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    DAvg in Dynamic Crosstab report footer

    I'm still fairly new to VBA and this is the frist time I have tried to do a dynamic crosstab report(got it from a microsoft link in another thread). What I am looking to do is create an 'Actuals/Forecast' report, with a 12 month Avg and Totals at the end of each row and a group avg and total...
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    Random dropdowns not returning results

    Well, I found the issue. Apparently there was an Office 2003 Update and Repair that had not been installed on those faulty computers. After running the fix, everything worked fine...go figure!
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    many-to-many-to-many relationship

    I built a Project/Resource database, joining projects/project data with Resource hours per month/employee data and 'Run the Engine' tasks (separate table from Projects). I had to do 2 Many-to-many join tables. Attached is my relationship page, if it helps any. I didn't know Access before...
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    Random dropdowns not returning results

    It is the full Access 2003 version, and everyone is using a shortcut to an MDE file on a network drive.(just front-end..table are linked). I'll try the MDB and see what happens. It's weird. Just seems to be those 3 computers....
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    Error msg "Can't find the macro '.'

    I am having the same issue, but only on 2 computers in my office. It works fine for everyone else. All of the computers are pretty much the same setup. Exactly where is the space you are referring to? In the Properties window or in the code itself? Thanks in advance!
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    Random dropdowns not returning results

    I have built a Project/Resource database for our department, and I am having an issue with 3 computers in the group. First, all of our computers are setup the same (as far as I can tell), however, there are 3 users that have the same issue...when selecting an item from a dropdown, it should...
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