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  1. D

    Can you force multiselect listbox to scroll to first selected item?

    I have a subform with a multiselect listbox that contains more items than can be shown at one time. Selections are stored in a table, with a different set of selections for each record on the main form. As I step through the records on the main form, is there any way to force the listbox on the...
  2. S

    How to add selected items from a combo box to a listbox on a form

    I am looking for a solution to an idea I have. I have a form and on it has a combo box. That combo box has a list of items related to that form's record. I want to have the ability to select an item on that combo box list and it adds itself to the Listbox on the same form. This should also...
  3. K

    Best way to send selected listbox values to a datasheet form

    Hello Everyone! I'm not very proficient at Access but love it's capabilities. I've tried a few avenues but I think I'm making it harder than it may have to be. I have a main order form to purchase items from various vendors and the OrderID is auto-populated. A person may choose a vendor and...
  4. G

    Unbound List box .Selected property not working correctly.

    I have two unbound list boxes. The first one is populated with File names from a given folder. I want to be able to push them to the other list box, using the multi-select, selected property. Then, remove the selected items from the first listbox. The .selected only seems to work on the last...
  5. G


    I have a listbox which populates fine and allows me to select an item, but I can not get the text from that item. Code: For i = 0 To myListbox.ListCount - 1 If myListbox.Selected(i) Then 'do something End If Next i Debuging the code it next gets to the...
  6. Woodywoodpecker

    Solved Records in Form to point to first item of a filtered listbox

    Hi everybody, I am new to this forum and self-taught beginner in access. So sorry if my questions/way of trying things looks stupid. My problem is as follows : To support my question, I prepared an example database in annex where I only left the elements necessary to explain my issue. I have...
  7. Minty

    Selected fields from a table/query to generate Report and export to Excel & PDF in MS Access

    You will need to loop through the listbox selected items and use those field names to build that into a SELECT statement. Look on here for examples of how to get the selected items first. Then if you get stuck creating the SELECT statement post back what you have tried. Searching for Listbox...
  8. Gasman

    Multiple options in combo box Then concatentate each and use with an IN() statement.
  9. theDBguy

    Unbound List box .Selected property not working correctly.

    Hi. Did you step through your code? When I tried it, the selected items were reset as soon as you remove the first moved item to the second listbox.
  10. T

    Remove selected item from table via listbox

    I have the following code: Private Sub Removecontractorbtn_Click() Dim conid As Long Dim strsql As String If IsNull(lstContractorsOnJob) Then Exit Sub End If With Me.lstContractorsOnJob condid = lstContractorsOnJob.Value strsql = "DELETE FROM...
  11. G


    Select an item from the listbox so I can copy it to a textbox
  12. MajP

    Solved Last selected item in a list box

    I never really read you explanation before writing the code or looked at the image. I looked at the title and @theDBguy suggestion. Maintaining the selections in a separate collection is something I do in other instances and it made sense to me. However, looking at your user interface where...
  13. Cronk

    Solved DAO to update records

    If the listbox is not multiselect, then the value of the listbox is the same as the first column of the item selected. Set rst = currentdb.OpenRecordset("select * from jtblStaffRoles where fldStaffPositionID = " & Me.lstSelectedPositions) rst.edit rst!fldDefaultPosition = True...
  14. arnelgp

    How to add selected items from a combo box to a listbox on a form

    you only need to make sure the listbox is bound to a table, so you can add, delete items to it. you can't add multiple items to the listbox using combobox. you can only select 1 item in a combo.
  15. arnelgp

    Solved Permanently display columns of ListBox ?

    Listbox dont dropdown? You can use vba to set the Column with of the column to show, then do a Dropdown again. EDIT: There is no way to show All column of combobox. Maybe add an unbound textbox to your form. When an item is selected on the list, show the concatenated result to this textbox.
  16. I

    Solved Combo Box List count

    You mean when you use Listbox.Listcount, (assuming no heads), you get -1 even if there are, say, 10 things in the listbox?
  17. Ranman256

    Combine a Filter between vStDate and vEndDate (unbound txt boxes) on a form -w- a multi-select list box that filters by tEvType (lookup field Auto Ke)

    don't use multi select listboxes, it requires programming. Instead use tPicked table for user to dbl-click the list box adding the item to the tPicked table. Join this table to your query to get only those items. NO programming, 1 append query.
  18. arnelgp


    Why comparing to null string? If you clicked on a listbox, automatically it will select an item.
  19. moke123


    As Jack points out, a simple listbox is equal to the bound column of the item selected. In a multi- select listbox you need to iterate through the .ItemsSelected collection of the listbox. Being a big fan of multiselect listboxes, I use a public function which returns an array of the selected...
  20. G


    There is only 1 column, with around 5 items in the listbox, although there could be more. It is not multi select. Only one item can be selected. What I need to do is whichever item is selected needs to be copied to a textbox so I can copy it to the clipboard.
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