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    Hyperlink Issue

    To do what you're asking directly, Im not aware. The overwrite method in the post above would certainly work but in the event you want to also keep an online store of the old one, the best workaround I can think of is to create a dedicated folder and have the current, most recent file called...
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    offline & iframes

    I appreciate this is an old post but in case someone else has the same query, this is one of the reasons why iframes are not recommended, should it open in a new tab, new window or the existing frame? Either online or offline, if you press print, do you get the whole page or just 1 frame etc...
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    what's a cookie?

    Another cookie rant, but... Cookies are used to remember 'things'. This is two fold and the second one I hate with a passion!!! First the main purpose. They remember things like login IDs and shopping carts. Imagine logging in to this forum them when you click on a post you want to read, the...
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    How can my cursor get an "hand" shape ?

    Re: How can my cursor get an "hand" shape ? I appreciate this is an old post, and is marked as Solved, but it was ranked quite high on the search engine results when I wanted to find it and thought I'd append it. It look like MS have added this feature, but it only works for a TextBox. Change...
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    OnFocus or Activate from another form, both popup modal?

    I dont know if its the proper way, but the only way I figured was upon the user selecting the product they want, call a Public Function that handled both the Variable for the product code and the closing of forms and setting focus to a specific control, rather than try to have events on the...
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    OnFocus or Activate from another form, both popup modal?

    OK, first of all I dont want my users clicking here, there and everywhere so ive set all my forms (except subforms) to modal. They have to deal with each form and close before doing something else. Also I prefer the tidier look that pop-ups give, so all are actually popup modals. frmOrders =...
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    Extra Space Between Detail and Subform(in footer)

    Dunno if this will solve your problem lwallis, but mine was solved by making the Header section 'Can shrink; Yes'. Perhaps you need to apply this setting to the Detail or Footer sections.
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    Extra Space Between Detail and Subform(in footer)

    Bookmarked thread - I have similar issue between Group header and Detail. In design view, my controls are at the very bottom of the 'InvoiceID Header' section and again at the very top of the 'Detail' section, yet there is still a 1" / 2cm gap between them when in Print Preview view. :banghead...
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