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    Solved find missing date gaps

    so have a front end which is just used to find and open a PDF file, bit quicker and better looking then searching through file upon file. but have come upon a question that I'm sure can be answered by you smart lot, have searched here but didn't find anything on the subject. but what i would...
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    Solved If a record is null

    Hi Folks trying to get a picture to display, pictures will be held in the DB in a gallery. If no image present then just want it to display the text like shown in attached image and also one with no image but when i do try search for one with no image, get the ol' invalid use of null error...
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    New Project - But Invalid use of Null doing me in

    You'd think with what i have been doing i would be able to fix this but nope, have looked on stack overflow, which popped up on google search so quick overview of issue, a user/player puts in a name if its not in the list then that is incorrect and gets the user 100 points, but it breaks...
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    Solved duplicating events

    Not sure if this is the correct place or if it should be on forms, if so i apologies so get straight to it, i have a button which rolls 2 die, they then get added together which is the damaged dealt which is then taken from the health figure which is 100. so far so good and quite easy, but now...
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    save file attachment (.htm extension) from access table

    OK i give up, iv been going round google and here looking for and at all the way to save an attachment from a table which its attached to, but most of the time there for images and i'm not that smart on all the syntax like rs this and etc, so could some one please point me to some easy dummy...
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    Solved putting a picture in a command button

    i have my quiz DB which is going fine and thanks to all who have helped along the way, but i think this will be my last question to do with it have this sub which was written by people smarter than me, and its nicley commented which helps Private Sub GetQuestion() Dim dbs As...
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    Solved Marquee on a form

    tying to get a vertical scroll going a bit like this Scrolling Marquee Text to Your Microsoft Access Forms but on searching not found anything like it, can it even be done as i have done a horizontal sort of thing, with code i found online before which i have used here below Private Sub...
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    Ctrl Alt Del - Workaround

    Ok so quick question, My quiz database, which we are using on site to bump up morale during this time and have a bit of inter office banter, one user has found a unique flaw, maybe in windows or how I have made the Db, but here is the what he does "as long as he doesn’t finish the quiz (its...
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    Solved Count Up Timer

    Here is my code which counts down from 20 seconds and then makes the question for my quiz change Private Sub Form_Load() 'this timer bit is for the count down on how long have left to answer the dam question mintTimer = 20 ' 20 seconds TimeLeft.Value = mintTimer ' show the time in a...
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    Solved follow hyperlink

    have had a quick search and not sure why this isn't working, basic problem is the hyperlink to follow will be different each time as its based on a choice from a combo box, which then populates a text box with the path which is in the column of the combo box but is hidden so have made this a...
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    hide a text box based on value of another text box

    so i have 3 text boxes on my report which are filled in by hand, but on occasion they arent needed and to save confusion with paperwork being reported as incorrect ( as these 3 sections have been missed ) so i have tried the following in the report load but nothing changes Private Sub...
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    Solved timer function for after timer has done its bit

    Hello there party people, so i have had a quick search here ( and google) for timer functions, as i have a function run on timer in attached and then would like an image to be set to visible = true but no dice as yet thanks for looking, even if have no idea how or if it can be done
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    Solved IF with Record count

    here is my code for starting my quiz, i have altered it as we had someone who shares a PC logon the SFM005.D002 so weren't able to take part when the other person had done so so in my wisdom i changed the criteria and made it look for user name as well as PC login and quiz no, but this has also...
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    Solved #Type error on form

    Hi having a slight issue with my quiz database which im hoping you can help with. issue is on the form F_Results and it only seems to happen if yuo do both sets of questions in quick order and the second time you get to the results form it says #Type in place of your score and on the leader...
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    Solved dlookup with two criteria both on form

    evening people i have searched on here and google and tried some of them out but to no avail I'm trying to lookup AskKevImage which is text based on the QuestionNo and QRoundNo as shown below but it isn't working a slight hand greatly appreciated...
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    Solved Image based on two text boxes

    I may have asked this before in the past but have searched and cant find such a question, so here i go i have my quiz which is fine, one life line is called 'Ask Kev' which is used once a game and tells the player the right answer at current it displays the text, but i would like the...
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    image movement

    can someone tell me whether the following is possible. trying to make an image move to different positions in the form based on criteria in a dlookup see two attached images for what i would like or am i being to ambitious and foolhardy
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    merde, i messed up please help

    OK i may have done two silly things 1. not backed up my work before i seem to have cocked it up and 2. cocked it up so it wont open with the shift key :banghead::banghead::banghead: and i haven't disabled it via code just in the options for the database attached is the thing, if you can...
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    Quiz-A-Rama - Who Said Databases are dull

    so here we go Hi one and all please see attached my labour of love for these past few months, when work allows and thanks to help from people on here, helping fix issue when stuck in a loop with no questions. it finally works :D:D Also thanks to @isladogs for help with last few bugs tonight...
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    form shows wrong data not resetting

    hi please see attached which was i have made with help from you lovely people on this site but as its Xmas was gonna roll it out for an office Xmas quiz bit of fun but on testing once you have finished and start again with a new named player it goes to last question straight away for some...
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