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  1. Rabbie

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving to all my american friends here. Happy Thursday to everyone else
  2. Rabbie

    Wait for it...

    Is it this another mass shooting. or is it this Isn't America wonderful
  3. Rabbie

    Chris Howarth aka stopher - illness

    So sorry to hear this news. Best wishes to Chris and his family.
  4. Rabbie

    What's your best/worst joke?

    A white horse walks into a bar and asks for a whisky The barman say "We have a whisky named after you" The horse replies " I've never heard of a whisky called Eric"
  5. Rabbie

    "Uncle Gizmo"

    Thanks for clearing that up
  6. Rabbie


    Welcome to the forum
  7. Rabbie

    Is Mr Trump crazy?

    A white supremist, a racist and a climate change denier walked into a bar. The Barman asked "what would you like Mr Trump"
  8. Rabbie

    Brief reduction in Forum activity for me.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Linda. I am sure with your care she will be right as rain soon
  9. Rabbie

    Change of Location.

    Thanks. Been busy packing so haven't been on the forum. 61 years since I left my home village and 36 years since I left Scotland
  10. Rabbie

    Change of Location.

    Just to let everyone know I am returning to live in my home village in Scotland at the beginning of April. The period of exile is finally coming to an end :) :)
  11. Rabbie

    Far fetched fantasy story

    I hope all those who voted for Trump are concerned about his apparent lack of knowledge about what is happening in the real world. His claim about civil unrest in Sweden last Friday night shows he is delusional.
  12. Rabbie

    Merry Christmas!

    A belated Merry Christmas to you all, Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2017
  13. Rabbie

    Time to Leave What's App!

    Nice to see you back here, Brian
  14. Rabbie

    Thank you for even being here, Access World

    Nice to hear that this forum is appreciated
  15. Rabbie

    Iceland's Pirates fly the Jolly Rodger skull and crossbones

    I suspect that right only applies if you are successful. I don't think you could claim it after an unsuccessful attempt to change the government by force
  16. Rabbie

    Death list

    It is quite clear that Colin who has looked after his ill wife for many years is suffering from depression. This not the first time he has posted about committing suicide. In previous posts he said he would do it after she died. So I think it is a little unfair to accuse him of having no...
  17. Rabbie

    Important - Please help if you can!

    I have just tested the link and it is now working OK. Possibly a temporary hiccup
  18. Rabbie

    Happy Birthday Rich

    Happy Birthday Rich
  19. Rabbie

    What the employers will think?

    excellent advice from Thedocman and Jdaw. It always is better to be positive rather than negative in a resume
  20. Rabbie

    Death list

    Colin, As someone who is over 70 I can assure you that senility and being bed-ridden is not an inevitable consequence. As one of your friends on this forum I hope this is just a temporary blip. We need you to keep the spirit of confrontation going here
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