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    If IsEmpty not returning desired results

    I am doing a simple for loop to loop through a range and check if a cell is empty and if it is, copy data in a cell on the row, paste it in another column one on the same row then delete the content in the cell it was copied from. The loop runs, but never seems to trigger true on the if...
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    Selecting rows based on range of values in cell

    It has been a minute since I have posted (had to take a break from all the dev stuff before my poor brain fried), but I have once again been handed a project to make everyone's life a little easier. I am trying to write a macro that will look through a column and copy rows that meet the...
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    Exporting to existing Excel workbook

    I have been trying to research this, and while I have found various methods to move data from Access into Excel using TransferSpreadSheet, how can I control the range in which the data gets inserted? I have a template that has a header and named columns further down and such, so I would need to...
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    Query to show record with duplicates once

    I have a query that shows all jobs being worked on today and into the future ( > Date() -1). The problem I am having is when a job gets duplicated (for different versions or maybe a revision), the job shows up twice in this query, which I do not want. Here is a snip of the design view...
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    Calculated Controls

    How "deep" can you go with calculated controls? I have a sub-form with a calculated control, whose control source is a query which is also doing a calculation. I have another control which I was trying to do ANOTHER calculation based off the previous control, but it won't return the desired...
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    What IDE do you use?

    I am curious what people use for their coding (obviously some just use the built in editor in Access/Excel and what not). I am trying to branch out and learn more coding (been focusing on Python lately), and I seen a bunch of people recommend VS community/Code. It seems there are tons out there...
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    Checkboxes on form cause run-time error

    After rearranging my form it appears something happened to my check boxes. In my code, I am just doing true/false checks but am getting run time error 2424, The expression you entered has a field, control, or property name that Access can't find. I have deleted the controls and re-added them. I...
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    Learn Python

    Being all the code guru's several of you are, would anyone happen to have a nice resource that could facilitate me learning Python? I am wanting to get more into coding and learning and a friend of mine who is a full stack dev highly suggested I learn Python (while also heavily pushing C# since...
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    Correct method for using key press event

    What would be the acceptable method for calling buttons on click event using key press? I have typically done the If KeyAscii = (some code) Then call _Click. This seems like a bad way to handle 12 different key events on a form. I feel like there is a much better method than multiple IF...
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    Ascii Codes

    Does anyone have a link to a comprehensive list of Ascii codes that Access uses? The only one I know is 13 for the enter key. I am trying to tie buttons to the function keys. I found Could someone confirm this is correct?
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    Form optimization

    At what point do you have too many controls on a form? Earlier I was playing with the documenting tool/analyzing performance and for one of my forms it more or less stated that I had too many controls on it. I have never experience a lag in opening the form or anything, but am now curious if I...
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    Create Excel file

    How can I create a new excel workbook, save it with a name based off a field on my form then open the newly created excel file? I would imagine it would be along the lines of creating a new excel application that is hidden, close it, rename it then reopen it. My reason for this is to assure...
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    Design Help

    I am still having a really hard time designing a proper structure and forms for another quotation app I am attempting to build. I was given an Excel workbook to go off of, but each sheet within the workbook uses a completely different structure. I pulled one out of the workbook that I think is...
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    Calculated control based off other calculated controls

    I am trying to make a running summary form/subform that will just have controls displaying running totals/average/percentages etc. The first one is giving me some problems however in that all I can get it to display is #Error. For the control source, within the expression builder I am going...
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    Query to add multiple fields together

    I am trying to wrap my head around a query that takes like products (based off some identifying field, not the part number it self), and add everything together. I will try and detail my thoughts here: Product A has a quantity of (1) and a cost of $2. Product B has a quantity of (2) and a cost...
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    Replace furnace or supplement with pellet stove

    Get some opinions on this one. My house is old (built around 1930), so it doesn't retain heat very well (need to gut and redo the insulation and replace windows). However, our furnace is a really old Lennox Pulse. This thing is I believe older then I am (I am 30). It struggles to keep the house...
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    Disable export steps

    I am using the simple right click and choose export method to export a report to PDF. Is there a way to disable the pop up about saving export steps?
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    Combo to filter sub-form

    I have made the combo and built the after update event, but am having issues getting the combo to populate with the desired items. I am using it to select Change Order numbers. So I may have dozens of items tagged as changed order 1, 2, 3 etc. I can't seem to get the combo to only show 1, 2 and...
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    Trying to Decompile

    I am trying to decompile to see if this corrects a problem, but am having an issue with a line of code that works, but apparently Access doesn't approve of. If IsNull(Me.RevisionCombobx) Then Exit Sub It is flagging the (me.revisioncombobx) with the error method or data member not found. I tried...
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    Access Closing/Crashing Issue

    I posted about this awhile back, but am curious if anyone else has yet to experience this problem with a recent update to Access 2016? About a month ago, our whole 365 suite was updated including Access and since then I have had issues when opening Access. It doesn't seem to happen very much...
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