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    Sequentially modify entries in subsequent query results.

    Hello, I am trying to implement a form that i will use as part of a quotation system. The data displayed will come from a query that filters down by quotation number (selected from a combobox or similar), and orders the results based on a field called RowNumber (I use this field so that the...
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    Extract field from query results into VBA variable

    Hello all, I am trying to make a VBA script that will be in the 'AfterUpdate' event of a textbox in a form that needs to get the value from the output of a query and use it further down the code. So i have a query (which works as expected) where the output fields are: PartID, ManufID, ManufPN...
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    Combine varying quantities of fields into a single fields without additional commas

    Hello all, I have a table that contains a list of materials, with 7 separate fields for descriptions segments. These are called ADesc, BDesc, CDesc, DDesc, EDesc, FDesc, GDesc. I would like to display the combined description into a single field output of a query, so at the moment i have the...
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    Query with double link between tables

    Hello, I have a table called tblJobs that contains the IDs that are linked to other tables IDs. Those ID numbers are meaningless to the users of the database, so i would like to make a query (or is there a better way to do this?) to 'clarify' the table of Jobs. So for example if i add the fields...
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    Delete duplicate entries (keep only one)

    Hello all, I have a table in my database that is accumulating duplicate entries. (i am trying to work out what is causing those duplicates as they should be prevented in the first place, for for now i need to be able to delete the duplicates) The table is called tblJobs and has the following...
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    "After Insert" Data Macro to populate field with data from another table based on other field in new entry

    Hello, I have the following tables: tblJobs JobID ClientName (more) tblWorkMaterials JobID ClientName (more) The table WorkMaterials list the materials used in each project so each entry has an associated JobID (from tblJobs) I know it is not a standard way to do things as it would be a...
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    Button to add new entry into table with incrementing number field (not autonumber)

    Hello i am trying to achieve the following functions with a script without much success, would anyone be able to help? This is my situation: I have a table called tblClients from which i am selecting a client name through a combobox called: comboClientSelect I have a query...
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    Query results using several textbox values separated by commas

    Hello, I have the following situation: I have a a table (tblJobs) of job numbers I have a table (tblWorkHours) of work hours, each of which is tied to a set job number. I would like a query to select the work hours based on the job number i select, but i would like to do so using a textbox in a...
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    Local data for query in split Access database

    Hello all, I have the following situation within my database: tblJobs is my list of job numbers tblWorkHours is my list of hours worked by the various employees of the company, these work hours are linked to a job number number from tblJobs I have set-up a query that effectively acts as a...
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    Using Access with ODBC Linked table (from Google Sheets) - duplicate/synchronize tables?

    Hello, I am building a database system form my company and i intend to use the CData ODBC driver for Google Sheets which allows the (almost) seamless link between a table in access and a google sheets document. Link for info:
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    Display table in form, with linked record ID between form and table

    Hello All, I am trying to do something that i would have thought would be simple, but have been turning around around in circles not really getting anywhere, so time for forum question! :) I want to have a form which is to be used mainly to add new records but also want to be able to modify...
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    Data input form memory of previous entry for some fields

    Hello All, I am trying to get the following to work: Data input form with the following fields: 1 - CustomerName (combobox from a table) 2 - JobNumber (combobox from a query) 3 - Employee (combobox from a query) 4 - WorkDate 5 - WorkDescription 6 - WorkHours All the above data is to go into a...
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    Recommendation for database back end server

    Hello all, I will soon (hopefully) be implementing an Access database to replace the existing mess of Excel spreadsheets that are used in the my office to manage our work hours, client info, invoicing, etc. The database is intended to be used by less than 10 people (realistically only 2 or 3 at...
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    Export data to existing Excel invoice file to specific cells

    Hello All, I have an existing Excel invoice template that i would like to integrate with an Access database. In the database I have various fields for client information, and queries to get the data i want to invoice. I am looking for recommendations of how to link the two together, here are a...
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    or function within IIf statement in query criteria

    Hello all, I am in the process of building a database system to manage the work hours allocation in the company i work form. Within a query i have a field called Invoiced, this is a Yes/No value In the query, the criteria: Yes or No works to display BOTH the invoiced and not invoiced entries...
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    New to MS Access

    Hello all! New to MS Access but previous experience with various forms of PLC programming, and C/C++ a while back. Looking to learn Access specific syntax, functions and methods. Great Forum !!! Cheers dlambert
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