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  1. Rabbie

    Change of Location.

    Just to let everyone know I am returning to live in my home village in Scotland at the beginning of April. The period of exile is finally coming to an end :) :)
  2. Rabbie

    Happy Birthday Mile-O

    Happy Birthday Mile-O.
  3. Rabbie

    Happy Birthday Anthony Gerrard

    HappyBirthday, Anthony Who is a regular Watercooler contributor
  4. Rabbie

    Happy New Year

    A guid new year to ain and a' and mony may ye hae as we say in Scotland. Translated to English A good New year to one and all and many may you have. I raise my glass of good Scotch whisky and drink to the health of all on this forum.
  5. Rabbie

    BRian Warnock

    HAppy Birthday Brian.
  6. Rabbie


    Happy Birthday Cindy
  7. Rabbie

    Happy Birthday Alc

    Happy Bithday Alc. Hope you have a good one:)
  8. Rabbie

    Happy Birthday to Rural Guy

    Happy Birthday to Rural Guy. Rural Guy has been a valued contributor to this forum for a long time and has made many helpful contributions
  9. Rabbie

    Britishisms in the USA

    This article highlights how some Britishisms are spreading in the USA. Do any forum members noticed any more?
  10. Rabbie

    American English

    Has the time now come when British english and American english have diverged so much that American english should be regarded as a separate language known as American? After all Norwegian and Swedish are separate languages but are mutually understood and have many similarities.
  11. Rabbie

    Which ebook?

    I am thinking of getting an ebook. I would welcome any advice, tips etc as to the best buy
  12. Rabbie

    Happy New Year

    Here's wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2011. I hope that you and your families enjoy good health.
  13. Rabbie

    Is this the action of a civilised country

    See this link for details. IMHO it seems that Virginia does not deserve to be called a civilised state when it wants to execute a women with an IQ of 72 but does not execute the actual killers.
  14. Rabbie

    Happy Birthday Oumahexi

    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day. :)
  15. Rabbie

    Should Abortion be Allowed?

    Should abortion be legal? No at all? Only if the mother-to-be's health is at risk? If the mother-to-be was a victim of ra**? What do you think? Is it reasonable in a world with a rapidly growing population to deny women the right to Abortin?
  16. Rabbie

    Happy New Year

    A happy new year to all my friends on this site on both sides of the Atlantic and of course to those who live further east and or south of here. Hope you have a great 2010. Rob
  17. Rabbie

    Happy Birthday - Pat Hartman

    Happy Birthday Pat! I hope you have a good one! Thanks for your many helpful contributions to this forum. And may all your finesses succeed!
  18. Rabbie

    Happy Birthday Lpurvis!

    Happy Birthday Leigh. I hope you have a good one. Always an advantage when they come on a Friday so you can celebrate all weekend:)
  19. Rabbie

    Happy Birthday Ron_dK

    Happy Birthday Ron. Hope you have a good one.
  20. Rabbie

    New weapons found in Iran

    Here is the evidence :D
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