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    Find sum

    Hello Guys, In my table I have fields Employee ID, category and Amount. I have more than 5000 records. In the category field, I have values like "Salary", "Commission", and "Bonus" Is it possible to find the sum of these categories by Employee ID. Currently I am doing this in Excel manually...
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    Joint Property

    Hello Guys, I have three tables: Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 I have created a query like this: and I am getting query result like this: And I don't want the duplication. I mean to say I want to get the result like this (Done in Excel): I want to omit the values which I shaded in...
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    Titles are Not Printing in the Sub Report

    Good Morning Guys, I have created 2 Reports with two Different Data Sources, first one is the summary of the data and the other one is for the details. I want to display these two Reports in a Single Report. So I have created a new Report and created two sub reports for displaying these two...
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    Align Text Box Verticaly Center

    Hello Guys, How could I align the Text Box Aligned Vertically Centered in the Text Box of a Report? This is what I am getting now: I want this to be aligned like this: Thanks
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    Query to find the Count

    Guys, I am very new to Access. I have a Table called BasicData and 5 fields FName, SName, Country, ZIP and Remarks. I have total about 500 Records In the country Field I have 3 Values USA, Mexico and Canada. I want to create a query which shows How many Records for USA, Canada and Mexico. In my...
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