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    Query Not Updatable

    I have an Access database that is linked to a SQL back-end. It runs slow. I checked some things you guys gave in a prior post. Now, I have created a new database and imported everything into it. I had to go through and add 4 References to match the old DB. Nothing else changed. It is updating...
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    Insert Into Statement

    I am trying to convert the SQL behind an Access query and use it in a Docmd.RunSQL "" query. I have made several attempts and cannot figure it out. Can someone help me with this? I have two tables linked on the PatientID. START OF CODE INSERT INTO tblDiagnosesHold ( Diagnosis, PatientID )...
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    Followhyperlink to Different Browser

    I have a procedure that creates a file that is to be uploaded through a website. I use the following to open that web page. Application.FollowHyperlink "http://page1.ohio.gov/Pages/default.aspx" We are currently using IE as our default browser. This opens that page in IE. However, that site...
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    Linked Tables or Not Linked

    I have several linked tables in a database. They are linked to two other databases. I am sure you guys can answer this. Is it more efficient to use linked tables for queries or is it better to use the Append To Another Database? I am trying to speed up the queries. What do you think? Thank you.
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    The new IT group is attempting to move all Access DBs into one area on the shared drive. Since the process started several months ago, there has been a noticeable continuous slowing of one of my DBs. It is linked to a SQL Server. I have no permissions to do anything to the SQL Server. I have...
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    Web Development

    I would like to move up to front-end web development. I have 25 years of experience with Access. I am not giving up on Access and will continue to use it. Maybe some of you can point me in the right direction. What should I learn to make the transition from Access to the web? The web is full of...
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    Trust Issue 2013 to 2016

    I just had a post that seemed to stop. I found a solution but have a question that wasn't answered. I upgraded from Office 365 2013 to Office 365 2016 and Access would not function. The Autoexec macro would open my programs but no other function would work after that, i.e., button clicks...
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    Urgent!! 2013 to 2016 Stops All Functionality

    The IT Department upgraded my computer from Office 365 2013 to 2016. Now, nothing in my Access program works. Does anybody know what is happening?
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    VBA SQL Query Issue

    I can't seem to get the following to work. Can anyone help? DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE tblLogins INNER JOIN tblLogin ON tblLogins.UserID = tblLogin.UserID" _ & "SET tblLogins.UserPasswordChanged = 'Y', tblLogins.FirstLoginDate = Date(), tblLogins.FirstLoginTime = Time()" _ & "WHERE...
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    INSERT INTO Syntax Error

    Can anyone tell me why this doesn't work? DoCmd.RunSQL ("INSERT INTO tblLog ( UserID, LoginDate, LoginTime, DB") _ & "SELECT tblLogin.UserID, tblLogin.LoginDate, tblLogin.LoginTime, 'SOL' AS 'DB'" _ & "FROM tblLogin" Thank you.
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    Remove Read-Only

    I copied a database and am making changes to several things within the copied DB. One of the things I am doing is removing the right click option. I am using the following code: START OF CODE Public Function doRightClick() Dim obj As Object Dim frm As Form For Each obj In...
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    Unknown Module

    I am not very good at reading some code. I inherited a database and found the following code in a module named modSKDisEn and need someone to tell me what it does. START OF CODE Public Function SetProperties(strPropName As String, _ varPropType As Variant, varPropValue As Variant) As Integer On...
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    Folder and Database Privileges

    I have created several Access databases on a shared drive. Here is the way I currently have it set up. Folder 1 - Shared folder on the network Contains four back-end databases DB1 – data for Program1 DB2 – data for Program2 DB3 – data for Program3 DB4 – holds deleted data for reports...
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    Automated Paste in Windows 7 & 10

    I have a program where the user clicks a button on the Customer screen that will send a record to another database in another folder on a shared drive. It also opens a dialogue box that asks them if they want to copy relevant records over to that folder. When the button is clicked, it copies...
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    Hidden Print on Reports

    I have a report that I would like to add a note to in the Header for the user. Is there a way to place it there and not have it print. I know Word has a hidden print feature. Does Access support this? I am using Office 365. Thank you.
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    Naming a PDF File

    I have a form that is being filled in (Access 2013). When completed, the click event of a button on the form when clicked creates a PDF file using the following: START OF CODE DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "rptCustomer", _ acFormatPDF, "C:\Intake\PDFs\GetSignature.pdf" END OF CODE...
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    How To Query A Wildcard Character

    I am exporting Excel data from a website and importing it into an Access database. Certain entities within the data are marked with an asterisk (*). For example, *Jones, *Williams, etc. I need to identify these in an update query. In the criteria field I have used Like "*", Like "**", and Like...
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    Combo Box Select As You Type

    I have a combo box on a form. In the gotFocus Event I have Combo1.Dropdown so that the user gets a list of 20 records when they enter the box and before they start typing. I can get the first matching record to come to the top as they type. For example, I type "sa" and get sac, sad, sag, etc...
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    Count of 1

    I have a report that has a subgroup for each state with a Header and a Footer for each. In the Footer, I count the number of entities in each state and display that. START of CODE =Count([ProgramName]) & " Program(s) in " & [State] END OF CODE I have included the parentheses around the s in...
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    Online Programming

    I have been using Access for over 25 years. I want to transfer these skills to online database management. That is, I want to be able to put the same types of databases on the web and manage them just like I do with Access. I have tried different online courses but seem to hit a wall. Something...
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