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    Updating table field from expression

    Hi, I've created a database to keep track of repayments from customers, which I've attached to the post for easier viewing. I'm not sure if I can post images yet which isn't helpful trying to explain this. From the form I have a running total of what is left to pay using the stating amount -...
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    Count Query

    Hi, I have a form where I want to show some statistics from the database like count how many bits of outstanding work there are for a certain department. I have a table called work_items - With various fields one being "Department" - I want on the form to display in a text box the number of...
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    Saving Records to word

    http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=183666 Not Sure if this might be a better place to post this, any help would be great :) Many Thanks
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    Reporting to Word

    Good Evening I have attached the file below for reference. I have a form which im an am entering to keep a backup of a knowledge base. I need to be able to output each entry to a new word document and be able to save it as the document ID. I will be creating a simple html file to link to the...
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