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    Compare Dates within the same table

    I have a table which I want to compare the time of two rows, and if the time is within 10 seconds return the two rows and ignore the other rows. i.e. from the table below it would return rows 3 & 4.. Row Date Computer message 1 28/08/2012 22:11:23 Comp1 Problem...
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    Guantanamo Bay

    It is very easy to asume that all those held at Guantanamo Bay MUSt be some sort of Terrorist and therefore deserves to be held in detension, however I must admidt that I ammore than a little uncomfortable with the US holding them indefinitely, esp in a place where they have no "rights". Can we...
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    User permission Query

    Hi is anyone aware of a query or Stored Procedure I can call that will retrieve all the users and permissions for a particular database. Thanks for any help.
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    Database Migration

    Some help. I have been tasked my boss to help with the migration of a database from one datacenter to another. It has been decided to produce a flat file of the original database and transfer that and then import the file into the new database at the new location. (The data within the...
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    Combo Box with fixed database structure

    cascading Combo Boxes. I have front end to an SQL database that requires drop down combo boxes. I have seen and used combo boxes from the forum. The problem I have at the moment is the underlying database structure. A batch is a Sub division of a Release The is the server table that holds...
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    Query Access to Secure Database

    I have a database that does not allow the users to view the "database window". The users are also locked out from using shift. However we have a requirement for a "Query User" which would have "READ-ONLY" access to querys. Is there a command that can open up the database window even if it is...
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    Regular Expression and Wildcard

    In the my database users have decided to an "*" or "?" to confirm a contact rather than use a contact confirmation flag (don't ask me why).. What I want to do is construct query to search all record in a particular field which have the character "*" at the end....
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    Database keeps Currupting

    I have an access database with about 5 users on. Recently we are experiencing regular database corruptions. These are relatively easy to fix but are very annoying for the users. Is these any way to analyse the what causes corruption of a database?. Any help would be appreciated – thanks.
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    Result format

    Hi, I have a query that is trying to find out which systems are on a server. I have a server table, and system table and a link table between them. When I run a query for example server 1 I get the result in the following format. Server 1, SystemA Server 1, SystemB This denotes that the...
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    Test for Field IS NULL on Form

    I am tring to test is a field is null on a form. If it is null I want to preform an action. However I am having problems checking to see if the form is null. The code I have is IF me.cbo_TrancheNo (isnull) then me.cbo_trancheNo.requery This Obviously does not work I am hoping for a few...
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    confirm changes

    I have a form currently if someone moves off the form it automatically saves changes what I sould like to do is if someone makes a change on a form the tries to move a message box appears asking them to confirm changes or not...
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    Looping REcords on a form

    I am attempting to export data from my database and create separate data files for each record. I have created a form, and I am attempting to export all the records in the filter applied on that form. (This would depend on the dataset required at the time). I have attempted to do this by...
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    Error Message "Module Not Found"

    Hi, I need your help, some how my database has got corrupted, new when ever I try and navigate using the buttons on the forms I get an error "Module Not Found". I have been using "event procedures" to call VB code to open the next form. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Number of Fields in a query that are not null

    I have created a query that gives me results of records from across two tables. Currently it returns about 450 rows and 16 columns. What I would like to-do is find out what the number of the fields within the query that are null (or filled in). I guess there is a simple way to do this. Thanks...
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    Boolean Display Values in Union Query

    I have created a union query, The query works correctly the only problem is that one of the fields types in the query is Boolean, The query now displays “-1”and “0” rather than “Yes” and “No”. I understand why it is showing “-1” and “0”. However is there a way I can get the query to display the...
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    Manipulate import Format

    Hi, I am importing some data from a excel spread sheet to my access database. However the format in the spreadsheet is causing me some issue. This is shown below. The format the spread sheet is in First column System Name (which is the name of the system) i.e Server1,This only ever has one...
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    Send Commands from Access to Excel

    Hi, I have got access to generate a report in excel. However the excel report generated needs some minor reformatting. Is it possible to send a command from Access to the newly created .xls document to reformat the document? I have the commands needed to reformat the excel document I am just...
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    Hyperlink to a directory

    Hi, I am trying to create a hyperlink to a directory and so that users can select the file they want to open. I saw this link below Hyperlink database which seemed exactly what I wanted. However when ever I try the sample database I get the error "There is No object in this control". I have...
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    Moving Access DB from one system to another

    Hi, I have an access database with user name and passwords. I am planning to move it from one computer to another. I know it is not as simple as copy and paste. Does anyone have any recomendations on how to move the access database keeping the user names and passwords. I am running access...
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    I am trying to keep track of every time a field changes. The field will be “Release No”. I will need to keep a record of each time this field is updated for a particular server and the reason and date it was updated. I have searched under “Audit” and could find nothing that helped me although I...
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