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    Using Access remotely online

    Does anyone have any experience running an Access application online. The problem I have is I run an Access database that is central to the running of our school for children with significant emotional difficulties. All was great back in prehistory (February) when all staff and students were on...
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    Solved Search for all uses of a key in entire database

    Hi I'm doing a bit of house cleaning on a project I use to manage school data. I have come across a duplicate record in my student table (i.e. same student entered twice each with its own auto number PK). Obviously I want to delete one but before doing so I wish to check the PK hasn't been used...
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    Access Relationships can't see them all

    Hi I have a database that has grown to have over 60 tables and a considerable number of relationships. I want to review the relationships as when I started this project I didn't really know what I was doing and want to go back and check it is all robust. When I go to look at relationships I...
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    Report with CrossTab query with parameter as Recordsource

    Hi I have a report which I want to use a CrossTab query with parameters as the recordsource. I have found that the only way I can get the parameters into crosstab query is in code (no problem there), but I cannot get the SQL accepted as recordsource. e.g. me.RecordSource = strCrossTabQuery...
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    Columns with different WHERE clauses.

    Hi, hope this is clear. I am trying to write a query for a school time table database, this is a simplified version of what I am attempting which hopefully gets to the problem. table data is - tbl_lessons lessonID subject dayID unit staffID 47 Current affairs M1 1 1 3 48...
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    Display concatenated strings as RTF on form text box

    I have a table which has several text fields that I want to concat together in SQL with some formatting but after I have set the data source of text box to the concated string it will not allow me to set the format to RTF. So the text is unformatted and format tags are shown as plain stings...
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    Random problem

    Hi I have a fairly complicated database, I have about 12 different users using the same clone of the front end accessing the same back end on a server. One user (and only one user) is experiencing several unique problems. At least half my others user are using the same model Laptop with the same...
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    Select from mulitple Backends

    Hi I have a split database I use to manage my school's timetable. What I want to be able to do is work on new timetable while still being able to access and tweak current one. The easiest way I see to this is to able to switch between different backends. This is effectively what I am doing at...
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    Report printing too wide for paper

    I know this is much talked about and I have read many threads on this to no avail. I have a Report 280mm wide (as seen on ruler in design view and on 'properties sheet'). The header, footer and content all fit snuggly on this width. No items extend over this width. Page setup is A4 landscape...
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    New member in UK

    Hi New member, have read many threads on forum which has helped me as a novice greatly in a project I'm doing to build a database for the school I work for. Thank you for all the help you have given me so far. Richard
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