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    Select Multiple Criteria and generate report

    I'm trying to generate a report based on multiple selections I make from a list box.
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    Create data entry form

    Hello, I'm trying to create a data entry form so that when I have a new customer I can add their info and then it gets inserted into my table. However, I'd like have either a textbox or multilist box that inserts a value into a specific field for programs.
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    Concatenating multiple fields and ignoring null fields

    Hello, I need some help in concatenating multiple fields while ignoring fields that have no values in them. The concatenation also needs to separate the values with a comma.
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    Creating a Multi-Select list box and updating subform

    Hi, I currently have form called 'form' that has 2 combo boxes ('Search by Player name' and 'Search by Player group') and 2 subforms that return different results based on selection you make.
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    How run a query nased on combo box selection

    How run a query based on combo box selection Hi guys. I'm an access newbie and I have searched for hours online on this subject line stated above.
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    Reference different queries with combo boxes

    Hello, I have a 'split form' that has two combo boxes search by different criteria. I'm trying to figure out how to get my combo boxes to reference specific queries. Example: Combo box 1 is linked to query 1, and combo box 2 is linked to query 2. This means that results will be displayed differently
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    Search by different criteria with Combobox

    Hi, I'm using a Split form and I have 2 combo boxes that search by 'Player Name' and 'Player Group'.
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