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    IsNull - Switches

    Hello Mates need your help! I;m Using If IsNull(ItemCode) = True Then How can I specify other table Name and then Field name If IsNull(tableNamehere, fieldnamehere) = True Then Something Like That... Thank you!
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    Editing SubForm Data From Main Form!

    Hello Need your help. I want to edit, add, delete data of sub-form field (it Is a Memo Field) from main table... Please Help!
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    Sequential Numbering Auto "Bar-Code"

    Please Help of Implementing Sequential Numbering Auto "Bar-Code" I need that Bar-code automatically assigned to a new record when registering. Here is the Standard Example: 5555-01-001 1. Barcode Must be only in Numbers (Minimum 9 digits) 2. First 4 digits are fixed numbers (Must not be...
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    Building New Database!

    Hello Dear Friends! I'm Building New (Office Assets) Database from the very beginning, and your Help, Suggestions, Opinions and Ideas about this will be highly appreciated... I Created a Tables and please look at it and suggest if something is incorrectly or is not well normalized. Greatest...
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    Limiting Rows By Given Number In Continuous Form

    Hello Friends, I have a Question about limiting rows by given number in continuous form.... Please look at picture: I want that the continuous form on my sub form to be limited by a product quantity, that users accidentally not enter some extra data...... Thank you In advanced
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    How To AutoNumber a Continuous Form In Access

    Hello I have very simple Question... I wonder How to simply Auto-number continuous form as we simply do in the Reports like: =1 (With Unbound Text-Box) I searched, but found nothing. Thanks
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    Need To Convert Expression To VBA

    Hello Friends.... I have a question I need to rewrite my code which I made in Expression and need to convert to VBA, if it is available: =[UnitPrice]*(((100-[Deprpercent])/100)^Int(Format(Date(),"yyyy\.mmdd")-Format([DateOfPurchase],"yyyy\.mmdd"))) the idea is: I Placed this code on unbound...
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    Can't Sum On the Report Footer

    Hello Friends, Need your help! Something wrong, Can't Sum On the Report Footer In the detail I have Unbound Text-box "LossMoney" With Expression =Nz([Price])*Nz([Qt3]) working ok giving the correct results. Now at the footer of the report I want to sum the "LossMoney" Tried many variants, but...
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    Linking DISTINCT & NON DISTINCT Queries

    Hello Dear friends, I have a question if it is possible and is the right way to join 2 Queries, 1 Distinct and the Second non Distinct Both of them is working properly independently
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    DISTINCT Records By Command Button

    Hello I have a question About DISTINCT The Records by a command button. I searched but, can't find anything like that.. I have a Continuous form based on a query and I use "SELECT DISTINCT ........ it works perfectly DISTINCTS the records as needed, but i want to add on the form a command...
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    Exclude Unique Value Field From DISTINCT

    Hello Mates Need your Help! I have report which is based On a QRY "QRYName" I use distinct, for example: SELECT DISTINCT QUERYDATA.Product, QUERYDATA.Brand, QUERYDATA.Model, FROM QUERYDATA I want to add a bar code but how to exclude it from distinct? Thank you in Advanced
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    Installing, Registering Font(s) Form Access

    Hello Friends Help Registering Fonts From Access form: I have One font which is not a standard font and is not included by default in Windows, My fonts Place Is D:\DB\RES\Fontname.ttf If i copy my front end database to another PC I need that user could click reg button and the font to be...
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    Universal Path to Form Images Folder

    Hello Friends I have a question and could not find an answer for this. I have an 'images' folder in my Project folder (For Example D:\DB\IMG) DB is the folder where My access project file is and IMG is the folder where all the Access design images and icons are stored. Everything is OK No...
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    Creating Transparent Forms

    Hello Dear Friends, Please help.. I want to make a transparent form in my project, I tried many variants (Found in The Web), but not worked well, had many errors and the form was very uncomfortable.... I wonder If it is possible to make The form Like in the image:
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    Question About Clone, Duplicate Records

    Hello! Having a form command button on it, being clicked it duplicates, clones the current record, everything is OK Now Question: If I want to have 10 identical records then I have to click on It 10 times, is there any solution to specify a number of clones, duplications (for example If I...
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    How To Recalculate All Records

    Hello Mates! I Made a command button to recalculate the field values (For Emergency if somewhere accidentally was left not calculated) here is My Code: Me.Sumall = Me.Quantity * Me.Unitprice It works only the current record (Which I See on the form) My task was: To search the given field...
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    Can't Filter Combos!

    Hello Friends, I can't filter combos i tried some variants but without success, I use on my form some VBA... Please See the example: When Open a "FORM" There is filter combo when you select something it must be filtered on second combo..... Please Help!
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    How To Attach A Cache To The Combo Box

    Hello Mates, I need your help or Suggestion: I have a form with combo box (I'm searching data from it, it works well), Now I need to cache the keywords in the combo (that combo could store frequently searched keywords). Thank you very much
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    Choosing Destination Report

    Hello, Please Help! I have a form With A button on It: Here Is The Code On Error GoTo Err_Preview_Click Dim stDocName As String DoCmd.Close stDocName = "DATA" DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acPreview Exit_Preview_Click: Exit Sub Err_Preview_Click: MsgBox...
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    How To Display Date In Other Language In Report or Form

    Hello Dear friends, I need your help! I played with it, searched in the web, but without any results and goals. So what I need.... As usual I use Date (Long Date) in English as default, because we use that standard at our office... But there are some kind of reports to be generated with The...
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