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  1. Groundrush

    Flaw on holiday booking website

    So there I am booking a well needed family holiday, two adults and one child. Enter names, ages, etc. Make payment and then wait for email confirmation. All is well. Next day I print off the flight details, hotel booking, insurance etc but then notice that my 5 year old has the name of Guest3...
  2. Groundrush

    How to open more than 15 workbooks at the same time - (2010)

    Recently moved from Office 2003 to 2010 and found that I am unable to open more than 15 workbooks simultaneously like I used to be able to do in 2003. Previously I simply chose select all then right clicking would then give the option to open. I noticed in 2010 I can not do so this unless I...
  3. Groundrush

    Unable to view object properties in form design view (Access 2010)

    Any idea why the ability to view the properties of an object within a form is not available when you double click on it in design view? I was happily working away double clicking on a command button to edit some code when for some reason the next time I tried to edit it did not open up for me...
  4. Groundrush

    Converting to SQL Server

    Hi, Our lovely IT dept without warning as taken it upon them selves to convert the current access database that I manage to SQL server and seeing as I have no clue about SQL server I need some guidance through this process & hope some of you will be happy enough to answer some of my questions...
  5. Groundrush

    Selecting fields in query

    I have a query that is used to capture all the fields that can be possibly used. When run & exported to excel the user then simply deletes the columns with the fields that they don't require. We do this so we don't have to keep creating queries over and over again when you just use one that...
  6. Groundrush

    Preventing Duplicates on Multiple Fields (Numeric & Text)

    Hi Guys, Anyone know how to prevent duplicates on the combination of two fields - text & numeric? I'm currently using the code below that warns users when the combination of two fields have already been used. (Combination of the TWO fields has to always be unique so if used again will warn the...
  7. Groundrush

    Contradictory code

    Any suggestions please? Been experimenting on some code to prevent deletion or changes to records that meet certain conditions. The problem I am having is the code is contradicating each other preventing some of the records to be locked down. Private Sub Form_Current() 'Code 1 - Prevent...
  8. Groundrush

    Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

    My wife has recently passed a couple of exams working towards obtaining MOS certification using Office 2010 I'm still using Access 2003 & was a little curious to see what it was all about so I tried a few of the on-line test questions to see for myself but quickly failed on the first three...
  9. Groundrush

    Automated backups

    Having problems with my dvd burner that I normally use to save all my database backups to. Using windows scheduled tasks I was able to use a batch file that was run each evening that would save my data to another location on the network. Only problem was that it would overwrite the previous...
  10. Groundrush

    Microsoft Access is redundant technology and no longer supported by Microsoft

    Just read this on my works intranet site :eek: They don't know what they are talking about :mad:
  11. Groundrush

    Change text in a cell depending on the value of another

    Anyone know how to change the text in a cell depending on the value of another? If the cell has a negative value then the text will read "Over Recovery" Need to to then change to "Under Recovery" when the value changes to a positive value. Thanks
  12. Groundrush

    How does a Guarantor stop being a Guarantor?

    I acted as Guarantor for my best friend when he & his family rented a property about 5 years ago. I have never had any problems with this & actually forgot all about it until I received a letter from the letting agency. The letter stated that they signed a renewal aggreement & that I am...
  13. Groundrush

    I just don't get it ???

    My workplace is currently going through a restructure & it's been decided that most of our job titles are to be changed because of the fear of being seconded by "others" if it's found that the "others" claim to do what we do. Wanting a better job title anyway I was keen to finally get one that...
  14. Groundrush

    Job Titles for people that work with Access

    Hi All, What type of job titles do people generally hold that work with Access databases? I used to be down as an ICT admintrator but that will be changing shortly & I'm hoping to get something more suitable to what I do. I'm going to be classed as Senior Administration Officer but that...
  15. Groundrush

    Converting An Access Database To Sql Server

    Hi everyone, Need some advice please I have a database (v2003) with a front & back end, each user has a copy of the front end & the back end is situated on a local server. There are about 30 users each having their own user name & password, but there usually never more than 14 users logged in...
  16. Groundrush

    Question Can The Contents Of A Folder Be Displayed?

    Not sure if this can be done or not but does anyone know how to display the contents of a folder using Access. I was thinking possibly viewing it using a list box like you do when it's based on a query then when a file within the folder is selected it then opens up the file ready for updating...
  17. Groundrush

    Hyperlink Problems when exporting to excel

    Anyone know how to keep the hyperlinks when exporting to excel? My db table has a field called FilePath & I've set the data type to Hyperlink which is great when viewing the links via a query but for some reason when I export the data to exel the hyperlinks do not move across :confused: All I'm...
  18. Groundrush

    Date Problems

    Hi all, I'm trying to prevent records being entered outside a time period & I'm struggling to work out the best method of doing so I've been trying If Me.txtStartDate <= #3/13/2010# Or Me.txtStartDate >= #3/12/2011# Then MsgBox "This date may be incorrect please check your records & try...
  19. Groundrush

    Referencing a control from a module

    Hi all, Can anyone help me please? I'm trying to reference a mobile no from a subform but can't get it to work Basically a mobile phone no is displayed when a user sends an SMS message which should allow the recipient to reply to it. I have a table with all the windows login user names along...
  20. Groundrush

    Happy Birthday Hayley Baxter

    Happy Birthday Hayley :)
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