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    Question What's a good email client alternative to Microsoft Outlook?

    I know Windows live is one alternative. I personally haven't used it. I really like Outlook because it does quite a good job when it comes to setting up meetings. However i am interested in finding out if there are other good options out there. Have you guys tried out other different options? It...
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    Is a favicon important for a website?

    My husband and i want to start an online shoe-store. When it comes to branding, i have absolutely no clue whatsoever :rolleyes: A friend was suggesting that i should create a favicon. My question is whether a favicon plays a major role on your website or not?
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    Hallo everyone! Fresh faced Sophie here. Thought i'd stop by and say hallo. I reckon that’s the right way to do things...right? Anway, glad to be here and looking forward to meaningful chit chats. :)
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