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    Run Sub using keyboard shortcut

    Hi In Excel it is very straightforward to execute a sub from a shortcut but in Access as far as I can see it is only possible to run a macro from a shortcut and from a macro only possible to execute a function rather than a sub. As using a button is not practical I would like to find out if...
  2. J

    Comparing Data in Two Tables

    As part of learning how to use Access better during shielding, I am rewriting some of my Excel solutions in Access and have come across something that was fairly straightforward in Excel that I cannot work out in Access. I have two tables that I wish to compare Table A has five numeric fields...
  3. J

    Text Box with Input Mask Error

    Hi I have a form that requires users to enter a starting time for an event in a textbox which is written to a table using code attached to a command button. The textbox has an input mask for hours and minutes and after the write has been completed I want to clear the value from the text box...
  4. J

    Report Sorting using percentage

    Hi I have a problem creating a sort on a report containing students test results. I would like to sort on the students overall percentage correct but cannot find a way to do it. The student sub totals are a calculated field and Access does not seem to allow sorting on an expression. I looked at...
  5. J

    Type Mismatch Error with Empty Combo Box

    Hi I have a form that is used to determine whether students have taken a particular test. The same form is used for all tests and uses a query to create the list of students still to take the test. Everything works fine until there are no student names left and then selecting the combo box...
  6. J

    Hide report elements conditionally

    Hi I have a report that contains six fields, with the first being the question number, the next four containing data and the final field containing a number between 1 and 4, this being the criteria to hide one of the four data fields. The report is for administering a test where there are...
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