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    Solved Save date from unbound text box to table

    I have tblFD and on the frmFD have unbound text box where date is set Now(). Form is in continuous view and would like to save date for each ID with cmd button on click event. When I open form Date is set for present date but would like to save this date to FD_Date field in tblFD. Experts could...
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    Data macro to update date from one table to another in access

    Hello, Is it possible to create Named Data Macro to update date from one table to another on open database. I will put that Named Data Macro to Autoexec macro to execute update. Can you please help with this because I do not have big experience in access. Thank you.
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    After update data macro trigger

    Hi everyone, I have a table tblCompound where is created named data macro which calculate time out of compound in hours after I insert Exit date and time in frmCompound. I would like to create after update data macro when customer is more then 48 hours out of compound to set Departure date to...
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    Update one field from another field within the same table

    Hi everyone, I have problem to update PuchaseDate with the date in the field PurchaseOrderDate. Both fields are in the same table tblPurchase. Image is attached. Could you please help with this issue. Thank you.
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    DateDiff function for a Calculated field

    I am trying to get result in TimeDiff column in my table where I have run DataMacro on TimeDiff column. DataDiff is between MyDate and System date and time. I would like to have hours stored in my TimeDiff column, but keep getting an error. Could you please help. Thank you...
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    Just a Year format on the form, not usual date format

    Hi everybody, I have one little problem. I want to set format on the field Year of Birth where I record only a Year when the person is borne (without day and month). How to set only a Year format when I edit the date type format in the table, I see only Access standard date format types and do...
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    Solved SetValue in macro for continuous subform from the parent form

    Hi Everybody, I would like to setvalue of ID_No which is on the continuous subform from the parent form. I know how to setvalue of the ID_No on the parent form but would like to setvalue of the continuous subform from the main form when I open the next form using command button on the parent...
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    Solved Macro to print only first page in report

    Hi everyone, how to create macro to print preview and print only first page in access report. Could anyone help on this. thank you
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    query design to take out repeating IDs

    Hi everyone, I have Two tables with a relationship Reg_ID to FM_ID one to many. When I create a query I get good result. But is there a way to take out repeating IDs from query somehow. Sample is attached. Thank you.
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    Solved Expression too complex in query expression 'Switch'

    Hi everyone, I am trying to write a query in Access 2013 to get Age for children from Zero to Seventeen years old, but getting an error "Expression too complex in query expression 'Switch'". SELECT Rt.*, Switch( Rt.Age = 0, [Zero], Rt.Age = 1, [One], Rt.Age = 2, [Two]...
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    Solved Insert into statement from unbound text box to a table.

    Hi experts, I have table tblReg and form frmReg. On that form have an unbound text box (txtAge) for Age where I put expression ***=DateDiff("yyyy", [DoB], Date())*** to count how old is every person in Reg table. Field DoB is bounded to text box txtDoB on the same form. It is working perfectly...
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    Count multiple fields query when checkbox yes and another criteria

    Hi all I have on table Food_List where I have three columns set to checkbox as value Yes/No and fourth column for Sex (Gender). I wrote a query to count for every ticked checkbox as first criteria and sex 'Male' but result is always 0. Could you please help with this query, it is important to...
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    VBA code on click chckbox on current event

    Hi everyone, I have a checkbox on a form with record from REG table, which I use to copy current records from one table to a temporary table which changes every day. I have set checkbox on click event to execute a VBA code to copy these record with append query: Private Sub FL_chkbox_Click()...
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    How to view record from another table in unbound text box in a form

    Hi Everyone, I am a beginner in access but trying hard and learning every day. Could you please help with my problem to view record from another table in unbound txt box on a form. I have two tables Reg and Gender. My table Gender has two columns where one is Gender (e.g. Male) and second column...
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    Insert current record on a form to another table using cmd button

    Hello. How to write sql Insert statement to insert current record displayed on the form with cmd button. Records in the Customer table are ID_Number, Name and Surname. I need to insert ID_Number, Name and Surname in the Customer_List table. Thank you.
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    Update textbox in a form and subform VBA code

    Hi there, I have Combo box on a main form Registration where user select gender from drop down menu. Combo box pulls data from a table Gender (Male, Female, Child Male and Child Female), In that table I have a second column with Gender abbreviation (M, F, C/M and C/F). in the second form FL_form...
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    How to uncheck a checkbox after 48 hours

    Hi everybody, Can you help me with some solution to uncheck checkbox after 48 hour pass. Will have date/time data field next to the checkbox where I will put desired date and time. Please help with this issue because I am not that experienced in VB source code. Thank you.
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    Question Small form with command button to insert records from one table to another

    Hello, I have two tables, one is GENETIC and the other one is BoneSampleDNAprofile. Both tables have the field CY-Code. I want to create small form with 2 text box fields and one command button on the form to be able to insert CY-Code from the table GENETIC to designated DNA_LAB_Code in the...
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    How to copy data from one table to another via check box

    Hello, I am new in acces world and will appreciate help from the experts. I have created a form where is ID (e.g. CY_1000) set as the primary key in the 1st table. I would like to copy that ID, who is also set as the primary key, to another table for the current ID (e.g. CY_1000) opened in the...
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    Copy record from one to another table by clicking checkbox

    Hello everyone, I've created checkbox in one form and would like to copy/populate data from one field to specific field in another table, to be able to link these two tables. The field name is CY-Code (e.g. CY-1000) from table "GENETIC" want to copy to "DNA samples" table, field name is the same...
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