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    Combo Box won't show/list in report header

    I have a combo box in the header area. The record source, Bound Column are set correctly ( I know because I tested it on a form ). In this instance, the user would select from the dropdown list, the name of a member of staff, based on the click-event, and passing the Staff_ID to a variable, this...
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    Before_Update event ( sub-form ) ?

    I have a Cancel = True which triggers correctly, on a condition in the Before_Update event of a data field/control on a sub-form. However, the data which would have changed ( but won't now ) remains in the text box/control, and Focus stays on it. Only by closing and re-opening the form, can you...
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    Type Mismatch ?

    The following command line, should return the sub-folders in the folder - path ( string ) 'folderstr'. The syntax and declarations for the variables seem fine. No errors, but I get 'Type Mismatch' on this line ... Set flds = fso.GetFolder(folderstr).SubFolders this should load the folder names...
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    Relative sizing of controls ( to screen size ) ?

    I'd like to set the width & height properties of my controls, in ( Pixels or twips ), rather than cms, so that they adjust proportionally according to the size/dimension of the screen, my form loads in. I know in the property sheet, you can only set the measurement in cms. However in vba, at...
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    Checking ( adjusting ) screen resolutions ?

    I have an API, which returns the values for the Screen resolution in use ( let's say 1360, 768 ) I hoped to use this in formulae, to ensure my forms were 'centred'. I wanted to use the width and height properties of the form in question to do so, but it appears ( in Access 2010 ) there is NO...
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    Slow Form load event

    I've got a DB, which has 3 forms ( all 'under' 3 navigation buttons/tabs ). The main form ( Client's form ) is set to show first, and currently has a recordsource of about 1350 records. I think the size of the recordsource, and the fact it 'loads' the other two forms all 'in one go', is slowing...
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    Using VBA to create new folder & transfer files ?

    The following code , SHOULD create a new folder, and then transfer ALL files in the old folder to the new one ... Do While fdr <> "" tempStr = fdr If tempStr <> "" Then OldPathName = strRootFolder & rst!Forename & "_" & rst!Surname & "_" & theDOB &...
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    Memo field issue ( overwriting ) ?

    I have a memo field, which I write to with a string ( this is a list of files and their pathways/locations ). The idea is that if the 'target' folder's contents change, this/these change(s) are reflected in my memo field. So I 'read' the contents of the relevant folder every time the form loads...
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    Update CURRENT ( most recent ) record

    The following code SHOULD update, the most recently created record in a recordset ( of a subfrom ) It doesn't, it 'skips' to the wrong record and changes that .. Set frm = Forms!FrmNavigationLeft!NavigationSubform.Form!NavigationSubform!sfrmReferrals.Form frm.Requery With...
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    'Bookmarking' recordsets ?

    I hoped the following code, would select and then edit/update, a particular record in my recordset. Maybe I have the theory/syntax wrong. Set rst = Me.RecordsetClone strCriteria = "[Referral_ID] = '" & Me.Recordset!Referral_ID & "'" rst.FindFirst strCriteria Me.Bookmark = rst.Bookmark If Not...
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    Checking which NavigationSubForm is open/loaded conditional programming ?

    The following code is in the Load event of a form. It doesn't even execute the code, and the form doesn't open. If [Forms]![FrmNavigationLeft].[Form]![NavigationSubform].[Form]![NavigationSubform].[Form].[Name] = "frmClosures" Then rfnum =...
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    Navigation Forms ( subforms ), and referencing controls/properties ?

    This is the closest I've come, to being able to check whether a particular 'Tab' ( or Navigation Button ) is selected on these types of Form - ( I say this because, it doesn't cause an error, but it also doesn't work ! ) If...
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    Procedure declaration does not match description of event or procedure having same na

    I am getting the following error 'Procedure declaration does not match description of event or procedure having same name', every time an event ( _Change ) fires, for a Tab control. It was working peerefctly weel and consistently, and I have not changed any code in it. There is also a Text Box...
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    Output as percent not working ?

    Hello. I have a text box, linked to an Integer field in a table. I have set the output text box, to a Format of Percent. However, it multiplies up all the field values by 100, and adds decimal places after - before outputting them i.e. 42 becomes 4200.00% ! Any ideas as to why, thanks.
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    Append row 'error'

    Hi. I'm dynamically populating a table I create, at a report Load event. ( The field values will be based on values taken/calculated from fields in 2 other existing tables ). The following code just places some test data into the 2 fields for now, to check the logic and functionality of my...
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    Create temporary table as Recordsource for Report ? ?

    Does anyone know if I can create a temporary table, 'on the fly' on the Report_Load event, ( based on fields from two other tables ) and set this as the recordsource for a report. I'm toying with the idea of 'INSERT INTO'. Would this be appropriate, and would it work ? Thanks.
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    Recordset not updating ?

    The following code is now not working ( whereas it was before ) It throws up no errors, and seems to run without a hitch. If Not (rst1.BOF And rst1.EOF) Then With rst1 .MoveLast .MoveFirst If .RecordCount = 1 Then...
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    No output on bound combo box ( subform )

    I have a combo box which forms part of a subform. I can select and enter data, and update the underlying record fine. However, it is also bound to that field, and should show the value ( if one exists ) as would a text box. It doesn't. Any ideas ?
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    Some back-end data not showing ?

    I have 3 combo boxes each of which work perfectly well ( showing data from 3 different tables ), on my form. However, when I split my DB into front-end and back-end, these boxes no longer show output, and although I can enter data into them, which updates the underlying tables, they do not show...
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    Copying a word file to another location ?

    The following code throws up no errors, and should copy a file in location ( strpath ) to a different location ( strDest ) With wdApp .Documents.Open strPath .Documents(strPath).Activate strDest = "E:\New folder" & filnam .ActiveDocument.SaveAs Filename:=strDest...
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