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    Solved Trouble with SQL in VBA when I try and change the Rowsource property of a combo box

    Hi I would like to change the RowSource of a Combo box based on another combobox. I'm having some problems, so I tried to change the SQL in the RecordSource property of the ComboBox to what I actually want to reset it to. This SQL runs fine. SELECT tblEquity.EquityID, tblEquity.Ticker...
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    Which Joined Table to Put Foreign Key

    Hi I'm operating on a pretty basic level with access and have just started using ID fields as foreign keys to join tables. Given the following example: tblInventory has two columns InvName and InvID tblSupplier has two columns SupName and SupID I could join these in two ways: 1) Add a...
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    Arranging tables in the Access Query Builder

    Hi. Bit of an odd question but. When I look at a query in the Query Builder and arrange the placement of the tables, included in the query, so as to make it easier to read: Access discards that arrangement the next time I open that query. I'm sure in the past that they stayed the way they...
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    Solved No Data In Form

    I'm super stumped on this one! I have a few templates that I use and one is for a continuous form. I've used it many times and it works fine. I am trying to use it to build a very simple summary form. I have a table tblInvBank which I have cut down to the bare bones and it only has two...
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    Rowsource of Unbound Query for a ComboBox

    Hi I'm an Access hobbyist so my skills are pretty rudimentary, especially in SQL (I've started working on that). I found this code on a website and it serves my purpose perfectly. It took me a couple of days to figure out what's going on, but I now get how the Query works. I just can't figure...
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    Use Two Combo Boxes To Filter a Continuous Form

    Hi. Seems that this should be easy, but I have spent the last two days, trying every imaginable method and have encountered nothing but weird problems. This is a To Do list database, I'll simplify the data for clarity. There are tasks (what you have to do) and two levels to categorize them...
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    Solved Setting Colors in Report On Load Event

    This should be simple but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I want to set the colors of a report to a Public Variable BColor. I'm using the On Load Event and can get it to work with the report detail but the Header and Group Footer are eluding me. This is what the design view of the...
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    Combo Box Properties Question

    HI This sort of relates to a question I just posted named "Wrong Data From Combo Box ," but I think it better to post separately. I'm wondering how I can see which field of a table the chosen value from the combobox list will be placed in. Thanks
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    Solved Wrong Data From Combo Box

    Hi I have a combo box, that I set up with the wizard, that is entering the wrong value into the designated field of the destination table. The combo box is on a form--frmAccountsInputEdit--used to enter a new bank account into a table named tblAccounts containing two fields: [accountsBank]...
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    Trouble Opening Form To Current Record

    Hi I had this working but seem to have done something, which I can't figure out, that has changed that. I'm trying to set up a database that will be easy to add forms to. To do this I have set up a table with all the form names, the title to appear in the header, and the record source. The...
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    Function not being called

    I have a function call that does not execute in some instances. The function and the variable defining it are on a standard module: Public strTitle as String _____________________________________________________________ Public Function Title() Title = strTitle End Function In the onload...
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    Function in Query

    Hi I taught myself access a few years ago so I'm not only rusty but don't really understand what I'm doing. I mostly blunder along until I figure out how to do something. Also, I'm very poor at getting a question across, so I'm going to break this one up and start really simple. I am trying...
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    Using calculation results on recordset to populate form objects

    Hi I have been working with Access for a while but I only use it for my own personal projects so I'm very much an amateur. I use an access database to keep track of purchases and sales of items. The nature of the business is such that I only buy one item at a time. By that I mean that while...
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