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    How to create a complicated query with four different keyword fields?

    Hi, My question is about a complicated Access query. The knowledge base table has four different keyword fields and other fields. When entering a new knowledge item, I usually enter 2-4 keywords, one keyword in each keyword field. If I do a query with four keywords, the structure should be...
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    How to zoom out the contents of a long-text field

    Hi, The report contains a small text box control (only one-line high) for a long-text field. The long-text field could contains e.g. twenty lines of text. How could I zoom out the contents of the long-text field while reading/watching the text of the long-text field? Thank you for your reply.
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    How to create a combined query?

    Hi, It's about a database/knowledge base (Access database) with 4 keywords in order to search subjects/topics in the knowledge base. My question is how to create a combined query with 4 keywords (each keyword has own field, -> see attachment). With a combined query I mean: I am able to do...
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    Property sheet disappeared

    Hi, A strange thing happened when I tried to create a new form in design view: a Property sheet tool had disappeared! The symbol of Property sheet is still in the menu, but clicking does not activate it. How could I find the Property sheet in order to bind e.g. a text box to its data source...
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    Parameter Prompt with Multiple Entries

    Hi, My question is about how to create a parameter prompt that accepts multiple entries. The table contains data of several projects (project numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5) If the user wants to search data from the project numbers 1 and 2 he/she should enter the project numbers 1 and 2. If I create a...
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    Report : Page Header

    Page Header is visible only on the first page, although Property Sheet of Report shows: Format: Page Header: All Pages. Why is Page Header not visible on the other pages, only on the first page. Than you for the answer!
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