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    Replacing characters in Access 2000

    Hi, I need to make my applicaiton compatible with Access 2000 and have found that the replace command doesn't work. Data looks like this FFFFFFFFFFF123456789 FFFFFFFFFFFFFF123456 And I need to extract the number. Currently my code replaces the 'F' with a ' ' using the 2002 Replace command...
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    Providing default values in user prompt

    Hi, I want to provide the end user a default value when prompted as in most cases the user will be using the default. SELECT Customer_Name, Customer_Start_Date FROM Customer Where Customer_Start_Date >= [Enter Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy)]; Will bring up a blank prompt for the user to enter the...
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    Refresh Combo after load - what syntax

    Hi, I have a form that uses an unbounded combo to display a summary of what is loaded. It runs a simple sql query to produce the summary. A separate button on the same form runs a vb script that loads to the table. What syntax should be added to then end of the load vb script to update the combo?
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    Dim db As Database returns error User-defined type not defined

    Hi, I am trying to return a value from an SQL to VB and the examples tell me to either use Dim db As DAO.Database or Dim db As Database, neither of which work in my Access 2002 machine The explicit error message I get for 'Dim db As Database returns ' is 'error User-defined type not defined' I...
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    Access 2000 equiv of InStrRev and Replace

    Hi, I have built a small application in Access 2002 saving in Access 2000 format. The application runs fine on Access 2000 except that the following SQL comnmands are unknown Replace InStrRev Full syntax is; DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE MSC_load SET MSC_load.FileName =...
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    Browse Directory and select file the easy way

    Hi, Being new to VBA, the examples found so far on how to browse for a file and select it have been too complicated for me to use them, so I was wondering if there was an easy way to do it. This is what I have managed so far, it lets you type in the path and filename; Const BoxTitle = "Provide...
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    DoCmd.TransferText loads blank rows

    Hi, if I do a transfertext in a macro, the data loads correctly, however, when I use VBA attached to a button, the rows are loaded, but the fields are blank. What am I doing wrong? VBA from button; Private Sub Command0_Click() DoCmd.RunSQL "DELETE MSC_load.* FROM MSC_load"...
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    Load filename into column

    Hi, I need to identify which file the data has been imported/loaded from. The objective is to put the filename in a column.
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