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  1. vhung

    Solved Allow VBA edit even acForm menus is disabled.

    Good day... Could anybody share help, to give tips on editing VBA While acForms default menus is disabled.
  2. vhung

    Solved Form: Colored Header, Footer, Detail, Alternate, Font

    Good Day... May this post annoying to AWF but all I need to know if this Design of acForm is accepted or not. Alternatively, maybe there is worse than this. \\: See attached acForm
  3. vhung

    Solved Form: Accdb Password

    Good day to everyone... I have created a form in which command could locate the db.currentname The purpose for this, is to unlocked the password of an Accdb file I found it successful during “password” delete and change, That is applicable only if I know the current “pwd” My single...
  4. vhung

    Solved Form: Picture Viewer (see isladogs)

    I found it interesting, a craft of Isladogs "IMAGE VIEWER" but when i use it and add to my Accdb an errror occured with this lines below, (but i'm still working to fixed the error, still hope I could do it) Dim F As /"FileDialog"/ Set F = Application.FileDialog...
  5. vhung

    Solved Form: Objects Navigation (see speakers_86)

    Ive been using different approach for objects navigation, but this one on current is unique. I made little modification for (open/close, max/min), looks like something i missed. My idea is to count the number of tables on_click "Tables" button, as table names shown on the list, i wish to...
  6. vhung

    Solved Access: Form "my Number Puzzle" (See MajP)

    I love to play the Number Puzzle. This game is somewhat short term memory and past solving. It needs quick series thinking. Ive' done someways to make it possible. I only use click command through the shuffle numbers, using textbox, 1 to 16. My look out is how to make it possible using arrows...
  7. vhung

    Solved Accdb: URL History Explorer

    >how to begin with this project? (find source) >locator of viewed file, other computer viewed and online https... >make a split form, upload source list >it works no much codes used
  8. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Calculator (trial)

    >just try make calculator on acform >excute some math operation, where answer display on table
  9. vhung

    Accdb: Keyboard (trial)

    >applying few command to achieve >for typing (start lesson) >generate also word list (might add meaning as dictionary) >CAPS/ no
  10. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Favorite Form List

    MSaccess could load several forms created >sometimes we need to open it in a simple way >thus making a small form would contain of selection box for favorite acform >i just try it, for easy search
  11. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Windows Media Player

    MSaccess could make movie viewer as many as you want as it can >i used this long enough in times i need to watch favorite movies >this can be done in any form we wanted to >maybe you would try sometime too
  12. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Game Block Destroyer (see Guus2005)

    >it's been long time, i look for games like on Accdb >yes it can be >i edit some of it's mode/messages >it's a nice accdb game
  13. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Error Number List (see isladogs)

    Accdb has prompt error message when something has missed >using list of access error: error number and error description would help access user identify every error and probably find best solution posted on internet
  14. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Window sw_shownormal:minimized:maximixed (see isladogs)

    On accdb open the window always show at the back of first Form opened as background >i keep searching how to hide or minimized >finally found: isladogs has posted something in the year 2017 >but was qouted from Dev Ashish >'Usage Examples 'Maximize window: '...
  15. vhung

    Solved Accdb: Ribbon and NavigationPane, Unhide/hide

    >when you need to open you ribbon and navigation pane >try the codes below DoCmd.SelectObject acTable, , True If Not (objPane Is Nothing) Then objPane.IsCollapsed = False End If DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarYes 'Yes or 'No MsgBox "Ribbon, acToolbarYes; NavigationPane OpenYes"...
  16. vhung

    Solved Accdb: AllowMenus/ xmenus, edit/unedit

    >try this codes sometimes can simplfy it, if you apply this codes, you need to restart your open database, so you have to add codes for db auto restart "[Command Prompt] = "restrt" need codes to insert for shutdown and start again, or restart codes, or manual close then open again...
  17. vhung

    Solved Acddb: Filter item(s) not on the combo list

    >sample codes, very useful Dim strWhere As String Dim lngLen As Long If Not IsNull(Me.SelectPropertyName) Then strWhere = strWhere & "[PROPERTY TYPE] like ""*" & Me!SelectPropertyName & "*"" AND " End If lngLen = Len(strWhere) - 5 If lngLen <= 0 Then...
  18. vhung

    Solved Accdb: "WebBrowser" and "AcroPDF" (PDF viewer)

    >(access web browser won't work): edited, now it works... >but install Acrobat Reader then reactivate office/windows >works well, done >now could use both Web and Adobe
  19. vhung

    Solved Accdb: CreateRenameTable/AddChangeFieldName/EditFieldText/DeleteTableField

    Thanks AWF members with your posts... I gained ideas that allow my mind to know what i need to improve... I got my new Form I call it (Create, Add, Rename, Edit, Delete)5n1... (Updated) >(Add Table, Add Field, Rename Table, Rename Field, Edit Field - Text) >(Added code for AutoNumber [ID] field)...
  20. vhung

    MS Access School

    Hello, where can we enroll for MS Access mastery/experty, includes web page?
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