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    Email is Null but VBA code errors (runtime erro 94 - invalid use of null)

    The below code works when I have a record with an Email_Address value. It fails when the value is null / blank. I've tried variations of If Not IsNull, IsBlank, etc.... Code Tags Added by UG Please use Code Tags when posting VBA Code Please read this for further information:-...
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    Deleting value from Spell Check result

    Is there a way to delete the value in the field from the Spell Checker form? Let's say my spelling is checking multiple fields and I get to this result. None of the suggestions are right, I'd like to just delete that word, and continue to spell check the remainder of the fields. There isn't...
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    Solved What is the file upload constraint?

    Tell the user not just that file is too large to upload but what they need to reduce it to. Maybe even provide some recommendations. And if there is an answer, could someone please tell me???
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    Solved Public Function Formula erroring on no data

    I'm trying to find the right combination to get the code to not error when I hit a record that doesn't have text within it. Error 2427, You entered an expression that has no value. I've commented out all of my failures below the with txt. Public Function SpellChecker(txt As TextBox) As...
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    Form getting put behind Access database

    Is there a code that can pull a form into the foreground? For some reason, I'm getting the following behavior. To my knowledge as the person that programmed this beast, I didn't intentionally do this. Maybe my sequencing is off. The issue: When my Navigation form opens initially, it...
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    Troubleshooting VBA code -

    This is likely to be a multi-part posting. What the heck is causing this weird behavior? My code to open a form is supposed to close the navigation form, log that the form is closed (all of this works right) and then open the Contacts form (where the code is breaking down). What happens when...
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    Solved OrderBy with DLookup Value?

    I want to sort my form by the value populated from a combo box. Is it possible? The combo box is storing a primary key # ([Parent_ID]) as the 1st column (hidden) and then showing the selected organization([Organization]). Here's the current code. It's erroring on a missing operator...
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    Using Call to Spell Check Before Update - SetFocus Error?

    Visual of what's happening. I put in some text in the Notes field and leave the cell. The call procedure to spell check, running on a Before_Update, gets to the .SetFocus line and then errors. What am I missing?
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    Solved Instring Looking for Space When Doesn't Exist

    I'm trying to pick up the person's first name (ie. "John" from "John Smith") but in some cases the fosUserName is only a single value (Owner). How would you modify the code to recognize this? Left(fOSUserName(), InStr(1, fOSUserName(), " ") - 1)
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    Selectively Control Updating Outlook Contact from Access

    In a previous posting, we got the code to export All Access Contacts to Outlook. A couple of open issues. How do I delete an existing record and then repopulate it in Outlook? The below code is deleting the 1st record populated, not repopulating it and moving to the next record...
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    Reducing Same Code in If and ElseIf Statement

    The below code works but I'm having to maintain two instances of building the email (one for the initial If and another if we go down the ElseIf statement). How do I come out of an If / ElseIf check and then go into another grouping, all within the same action? Here's a portion of the code...
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    Solved Export All Access Contacts to Outlook

    While I have a way to export a single contact from Access to Outlook, I am finding the need to be able to export the ENTIRE list to a user's Outlook contacts. I need help with the code that would loop thru all of the records, checking to see if a record exists or not (using CustomerID field)...
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    RecordLock - VBA to change all forms in database

    A couple of months ago, I thought it would be useful to put record locks on all my forms. Now, I'm resenting the decision. Instead of spending a couple hours opening each form and changing the record lock setting (over 200 forms), can someone help with code that loops thru every form and...
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    Solved Clickable Long Text in Report (simulate hyperlink)

    I'd love for someone to show me how I can transform a long text, plain text value into a clickable hyperlink in a report. The value that I'm storing works with the Application.FollowHyperlink, but now I want to export my reports with a clickable link. So far, what I've found tells me that I...
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    Return to previously open form

    Due to the amount of data I'm opening on a single form, I must close forms before opening up the next form. The below code appears to require the form to be open, just not visible. Does someone have a solution that captures the previous form, stores it in memory and makes it available from...
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    Solved But it's not a duplicate - so why is Dcount() saying so?

    Visually, it's intuitive. Record 1 and 2 are not duplicates. So what did I do wrong in the code? Or should I place the code on a different triggering event? Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) Dim ClickResult As VbMsgBoxResultEx 'Make sure there is some value in the...
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    Solved Form After Delete Running after selecting No

    What would cause my code to trigger the Form_AfterDelConfirm when I select NO on the popup confirming if I want to delete these records. Visual of the subform and button (red circle) being pushed. Here's the a snipit showing where the code goes to immediately after the NO selection. I am...
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    Solved Compile error one line below a line that works

    My code to generate an email from meeting notes is getting close. I want to add are the Rich Text formatted notes from the field Me. Key_Items_Discussed. At this point, adding in Me. Key_Items_Discussed to the HTMLbody string causes the code to error (won't compile). Pull that field out and...
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    Solved API GetUserName

    Just had a new person attempt to get into the database and the code failed when it tried to obtain the value from FOSUserName(). If it matters, I noticed is the name appeared as "Owner" It's possible their computer didn't have a value populated when it was issued out, so where and how does the...
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    Duplicate catch needs to remove row not field

    As a simple demo of my issue..... (attached document) The system to project sub form can hold a unique system to project to relationship (System 1 + Supplier OR System 1 + Buyer OR System 1 + Blank value). But when the Relationship value is populated (red circle) with either Supplier or Buyer...
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