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  1. JPaulo

    View doc file in webbrowser control

    Hi all; This instruction on my form, not preview doc, appears dialog box, open and save, why ? Me!WebBrowser1.Navigate "c:\text.doc" Access 2007 Regards
  2. JPaulo

    Change Record value to another field

    Hi all; I have a table with 2000 records. I need to put the last hour of the day and employee for the field EndTime. It is possible for vba cod? Look at the picture in attached, please.
  3. JPaulo

    CommitTrans does not work

    Hi all; why is it that the transaction does not work CommitTrans ??? Private Sub SubDeleteAllTables(DataX, DataY As Variant) On Error GoTo Parar_Err Dim NUm As Long, X As Integer, S As String Dim Ws As Workspace, db As Database Dim td As TableDef Dim rst As Recordset...
  4. JPaulo

    Listbox to Listbox (Value List)

    Hi all; I have the ListBox1 and ListBox2 The ListBox1 has Value list= "A" "B", "C" How do I insert an item selected ListBox1 in the Value list of ListBox2 and delete item the ListBox1 ? Access 2003 or Access 2007
  5. JPaulo

    Open .lnk file

    Hi all; In VBA, how to open .lnk file ? Regards
  6. JPaulo

    Delete Records

    Hi all; For vba cod, how to delete all records from a table tbltest, except the last 6 records where field 1 = "xpto" ?
  7. JPaulo

    Update table based on another table

    Hi all; I have 2 tables with 96 fields each, tabelaA and tabelaB I need to update the tabelaB where some 96 fields of data are different from tabelaA Is possible? can help please?
  8. JPaulo

    OLE object supports .JPG ?

    Hi all; The first photo do not appear in the report, why ? Please check mdb in attc;
  9. JPaulo

    Numbers deleted reappear

    Hi all; I need to sort the 60 numbers of the listbox and delete one by one, but the numbers deleted reappear. Any idea, please ?
  10. JPaulo

    Generate Bingo Game Cards

    Generate Bingo Game Cards 60 balls. Download
  11. JPaulo

    Randomize but not repeat

    Hi all; That cod need not repeat the numbers. How to not repeat ??? In module; Public LançarAleatorio As Variant Public NumAleatorio As Variant Public Function GeradorNumerosRandomicos(X As Long, Y As Long) As Variant On Error GoTo ErroLinha Dim LNumAleatorio As Integer Dim Llançar As...
  12. JPaulo

    Insert Into Complex

    Hi all; My table in 100 fields and did not want to copy 100 times the INSERT INTO. It aims to do for all 100 fields, with only one line of INSERT INTO ? Private Sub MyButton_Click() Dim dbs As DAO.Database Dim rst As DAO.Recordset Set dbs = CurrentDb Set rst =...
  13. JPaulo

    Descending loop

    Hi all; I want to update from the bottom up (descending), but this loop is doing from top to bottom, as reverse ? Private Sub PreçoUnitário_Exit(Cancel As Integer) DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acRecordsMenu, acSaveRecord, , acMenuVer70 On Error Resume Next Dim strUP As String Dim db...
  14. JPaulo

    How to hide all querys

    Hi all; I hide tables so, and to hide all querys? Dim Tb As TableDef For Each Tb In CurrentDb.TableDefs If Not Tb.Attributes And dbHiddenObject Then Tb.Attributes = Tb.Attributes Or dbHiddenObject End If Next MsgBox "All Tables have been occult. ", vbExclamation, "Aviso " Else For Each Tb In...
  15. JPaulo

    Open report in the last page

    Hi all; I want to open a report on the last page, but this code does not work, why? Access 2003 Private Sub Command10_Click() Dim I As Integer On Error Resume Next DoCmd.OpenReport "Report1", acViewPreview I = Reports!Report1.Pages SendKeys "{F5}{Delete}" SendKeys I & "{ENTER}" End Sub
  16. JPaulo

    import all modules

    hi all; Vba code, how to import all modules another mdb ? Access 2003
  17. JPaulo

    Sum in Unbound Textbox

    Hi all; Gives error in the sum of a texbox in continuos form footer. how can I solve this problem ? See the attc please
  18. JPaulo

    Open another database .accdr

    Hi all; vba code, accdb how to open another database .accdr with password ?
  19. JPaulo

    Lists of ActiveX for Access 2007

    Hi all; Where can I find a lists of ActiveX controls for Access 2007
  20. JPaulo

    Word Reserved

    Hi all; Why is the word "Local" is reserved for Ms Access ?
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