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  1. TraceSL

    Mask SSN data in query output

    Hello: Looking for a function to use in a query to mask the tax ID numbers and print on tax forms. Any suggestions? Appreciate the help! Tracy
  2. TraceSL

    SQL data connections ODBC linked tables vs OLE DB

    Hello: We use Access as a report writer for one of our enterprise systems. The enterprise software vendor delivers their reporter software in Access in MDB format with ODBC linked tables. We began to use the save passwords option when linking the SQL tables via ODBC to bypass the need for the...
  3. TraceSL

    download examples for learning

    Hello: I was on the download section of the forum looking for examples to study and learn but it appears this option is not working. Can anyone suggest a resource to find some good advanced access database examples to review for learning? Thanks for the help. Tracy
  4. TraceSL

    version control text string comparison

    Hello I use a version number on the main form in my access systems to track versions. We have users who are dragging the shared access database onto the windows computer desktops instead of the shortcuts. To help ensure users are using the latest version I been asked to track versions in a table...
  5. TraceSL

    Nz function - error "undefined function"

    Hello I have a shared Access 2016 database for reporting used by 10+ users. One user continues to receive and error with the Nz function specifically "undefined function NZ in expression." To correct the last time I removed the Nz function used other method. Trying to understand why this error...
  6. TraceSL

    Read only ACCDB and writing to linked tables

    Hello I wanted to lock down my code base in the ACCDB access database but I need the user to be able to hit the linked tables however when I change the ACCDB to ready only the "import" functions are disabled. What is the recommended practice to lock down the front end code base while...
  7. TraceSL


    Hello I am Accountant and System Admin/developer who has been using Access for 15+ years in Pennsylvania USA. I use Access to automate accounting tasks as well as for reporting. I have aprox. 25 Access systems I have built to automate routine accounting tasks and several robust Access reporting...
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