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  1. mike60smart

    Calculated Total Days Vacation taken

    Hi I am trying to create a Calculation that would work out the number of Days Vacation taken with the criteria that Friday, Saturday, Sundays and Holidays should be excluded. Is there a way to modify this code supplied by Brent Spaulding? Public Function fNetWorkdays(ByVal dtStartDate As...
  2. mike60smart

    Combobox Search

    Hi Everyone I have Cascading Combobox's set up so that when I select a Supplier using Combo 1 the 2nd Combo displays a list of associated SKU Items. Question is whether or not it is then possible to be able to search within the displayed SKU List produced? Any help appreciated
  3. mike60smart


    Hi Everyone Can anyone see where I am wrong with this IIf statement? =IIf([TotalC]=0 And [ContractSumtoDate]=0,[RunningTotal]=[OriginalContractSum],IIf([TotalC]=0,[ContractSumToDate],(Nz([ContractSumToDate],0)-Nz([txtT],0)))) Any help appreciated
  4. mike60smart


    Hi Everyone The following query works as it should:- SELECT qryInspectionsDue.FleetID, qryInspectionsDue.Employee, qryInspectionsDue.InspectionDate, qryInspectionsDue.Mileage, qryInspectionsDue.DueDate, qryInspectionsDue.DueRenewal, qryInspectionsDue.DueYear, qryInspectionsDue.Months FROM...
  5. mike60smart


    Hi Everyone I get the following error when I try to use the following On Click Event:- 21 Dim strTaxExempt As String 25 If Me.TaxExempt = "No" Then 30 DoCmd.OpenReport "rptInvoiceNo", acViewPreview, , "[CustomerPurchaseOrderID]=" & Me.CustomerPurchaseOrderID And [TaxExempt] =...
  6. mike60smart


    Hi Everyone I have an Invoice type report with one of the Controls named "TaxExempt" If this Control has a value of "Yes" I want the following to happen If Me.TaxExempt = "Yes" Then Me.T.Visible = True Me.Notice.Visible = True Else Me.T.Visible = False Me.Notice.Visible = False End If Where...
  7. mike60smart


    Hi Everyone Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong with the Syntax in the following DoCmd? DoCmd.OpenReport "rptCurrentSale", acPreview, , "[ContractID]=" & Me.ContractID And "[sellerID] = " & Me.txtSellerID Any help appreciated
  8. mike60smart

    Duplicate Inserts

    Hi Everyone I am attaching the relevant Objects to test my process. The Form that displays at startup is showing 2 Records. The 1st record has 1 Participant - Jennifer Corkindale The 2nd record has 2 Participants - Kirsty Moore & Kirsty Edwards If you click on the Command Button "Insert...
  9. mike60smart


    Hi Everyone I have a Continuous Form that displays records parsed from a Linked Outlook folder which display as follows:- There are 2 Records - the first has 2 Participant Names and the second has 1 Participant names. I am using the following code to loop through each record and insert the...
  10. mike60smart

    Add a Value

    Hi Everyone I have a Combobox named "cboRoom" which allows me to select from a list of Room Types ie Superior Executibe DeLux etc... Is it possible that when a user selects a Room type it will automatically add 1 to a Control Named "Allocated" I am trying to show a running Total of Rooms...
  11. mike60smart


    Hi Everyone In the attached example Db I have a Main Form named "frmClients" With a Subform named "frmEventDetailsSub" Nested within the Subform is a Form named "frmEventTasksSubform" On the Subform there is a Combobox named "cboType" which select an EventType. Also on the subform is an...
  12. mike60smart

    Multiple EMails

    Hi Everyone I currently have a process that links to an Outlook Folder. These emails are then parsed into a table and displayed on a Form. I then have a Command Button that splits the email data into fields in a table and displayed on a Form named "frmTwo" I then have a Command Button that...
  13. mike60smart


    Hi Everyone I am looking for any advise on the following process. The screenshot below is 1 Record from a Continuous Form. The Command Button Inserts the Organisation Details into a table named "tblOrganisationOpenCourseBookings" which has a Primary Key named "OrgOpenCourseBookingID" As part...
  14. mike60smart


    Hi Everyone I have the following on the On Click Event of a Command Button named cmdIn:- Private Sub cmdIn_Click() On Error GoTo cmdIn_Click_Error Dim rsTest As dao.Recordset Set rsTest = Me.RecordsetClone rsTest.Filter = "[Updated] = -1" Call Test(rsTest) Set rsTest = Nothing On...
  15. mike60smart

    Parse Data

    Hi Everyone I previously had a thread which was solved by member "moke123". The users have now changed the structure of the incoming mail and I am unable to get the new process to work. In the attached example Db there are 2...
  16. mike60smart

    New Member

    Hi Everyone I am new to the forum and I am based in Scotland, UK. I go by the name of Mike and I am currently a member on Utter Access. I have a good understanding of Access but my VBA Skills are very poor. I put this down to my age as it is hard to learn when you get past 70. I look...
  17. mike60smart

    Parse --moved from Introductions

    Hi Everyone This is my first question here and I look forward to working with the community. I have a linked Folder to Outlook which displays EMails received. The Contents field is a Memo Data Type Is it possible to Parse the contents of an EMail into a record in a table named...
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